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New Alternate Universe Fringe Title for Season 3

      Email Post       9/24/2010 11:54:00 AM      

The Fringe title sequence had been updated again. It's back the the red "alternate version" as first seen Over There, Part 1.

In the previous version, only one new Fringe term was added "First Person", but in Season 3, there are all kinds of new terms.

Screenshots of every frame from this video have been added to

Click "Read more >>" to see the screenshots of the new Fringe terms.

* Thanks to Anonymous in the comments for pointing this out.

Wormholes, Singularity, Speciation, Synesthesia, Transhumanism, Pandemic

Neural Networks, Reanimation, Telepathy


Transcendence, Retrocognition, Biotechnology
Also, the infamous "Observers Are Here" message is still there, as evidenced by his appearance in Olivia.


M. said...

Heeey i've just noticed that on a frame on second 7 more or less, says something like "observers are ..." i couldnt read the next word.
Had anyone noticed this?

Unknown said...

Right, it says "observers are here"

Unknown said...

I decided to try and see it myself before scrolling down and seeing that they had a screen-cap of it. ("Observers are Here"). I was hoping it was going to say something different, like "Observers are There" or "Observers are Here Too". =P

Though I find it strange that the word "MUTATION" is now pretty much as subliminal as "Observers are Here".

one last thing:
Does anyone think that the Observers Mystery has anything to do with The Measurement Problem? (look it up, it's definitely Fringe science imho)

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