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What AreThe Ten Most Anticipated Returning Fall Shows?

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What Are the 10 Most Anticipated Returning Fall Shows?

NCIS, Fringe and Glee are the most hotly anticipated returning fall shows, according to TVGuide.com's TV Team research panel.

Fall TV: Get scoop on all your favorite returning shows

The shows were the top picks in a survey conducted Aug. 9-15 that included 3,547 of the approximately 10,000 members of the research panel.

NCIS, which ended last season with Gibbs' father being targeted by a drug cartel, tops the list for the second year in a row. Fringe's finale introduced the idea that this season will take place in two different universes, and Glee ended with Sue Sylvester being impressed enough with the Gleeks' moxie to keep glee club around.

Check out the premiere dates for new and returning fall shows

The 10 most anticipated shows are:

2. Fringe (Fox)
3. Glee (Fox)
4. Castle (ABC)
5. Bones (Fox)
6. Chuck (NBC)
7. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8. Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
9. Supernatural (CW)
10. Dexter (Showtime)

Scoring well but not quite making the top 10 were CBS' The Good Wife, ABC's Modern Family, the CW's The Vampire Diaries, Fox's House and FX's Sons of Anarchy.

Are these the shows you can't wait to see? Share your picks in the comments below!



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