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Fringe Season 2 Blu-Ray Unboxing

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Here is a quick look at the Fringe season 2 Blu-ray box and insides. The 22 episodes (plus one bonus season 1 episode) are spread across 4 Blu-ray discs. has an in depth review of the contents, but aside from the episodes, you'll find:
  • Audio Commentaries: for "Momentum Deferred," "Brown Betty," and "Over There, Part 2."
  • The Unearthed Episode: The unearthed episode from Season 1 is presented on Disc Four rather than amongst the official second-season eps, making its appearance far less jarring and far less confusing.
  • Analyzing the Scene: Mini-documentaries offering episode-specific peeks into the series' production. Six all-too-short featurettes are available alongside "A New Day in the Old Town," "Momentum Deferred," "Of Human Action," "What Lies Below," "Brown Betty," and "Over There, Part 2."
  • Dissected Files: Deleted scenes from "Night of Desirable Objects," "Grey Matters," "Olivia, in the Lab, with the Revolver," "Northwest Passage," and "Over There, Part 2."
  • Beyond the Pattern: The Mythology of Fringe: A beefy, extensive and entertaining Season Two documentary.
  • In the Lab: John Noble and prop master Rob Smith take viewers on a tour of the Fringe Lab set and show off the gizmos and gadgets therein.
  • Unusual Side Effects: Watch the cast giggle and snicker through a familiar mix of miscues and bumbled lines. You can see the Fringe season 2 gag reel here.

BTW, did anyone else have any trouble finding the Fringe Season 2 Blu-rays/DVDs? The first store I went to (Walmart) only carried the DVDs - and they were sold out! The second store I tried (Best Buy) didn't have the Blu-rays on display with the new releases, or in the regular TV section.

Did you buy you Fringe Season 2 yet? If so, which version did you buy?

Which version of Fringe Season 2 did you buy (or plan to buy)?


fringeobsessed said...

BJ's Wholesale Warehouse(a Northeast variant of Sam's Club/Costco) had the Season 2 DVD's prominently displayed with the New Releases and with a sign, for $34.99.

Kim said...

I've ordered the blu ray version just waiting on Amazon to get it to Oz!!

Anonymous said...

the cover have a picture in 3d like to the first season?

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