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High-Res Season 3 Promotional Photos

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High-res versions of the Season 3 Promotional Photos have been uploaded to FringeFiles.com.

The posters contain a handful of Fringe Easter eggs. Click the "Read more »" link to see the list of clues that I've found. If you see anything else, leave a message in the comments.

The newspaper on the table is "The New York Messenger", which must the the Alternate World's "New York Times". The title of the lead article is "Secretary Bishop to Meet With Congress Over Quarantine Protocol".

The coffee cups in many of the photos feature the Alternate World's Fringe Division logo, and seen in "Over There".

A reflection of The Observer in the windows.

A six-fingered hand print, like the Fringe symbols see between commercial breaks.

A picture of Olivia on the light post - but which one? Our Olivia, or Alt-Olivia?

DNA sequence code, presumably matching Peter's. This code was seen in Over There on the documents Olivia used to convince Peter to come back.

The reflection in Nina's photo features an addition figure in the reflection. Is it Broyles?

Someones inititals carved into the table... Maybe JT + SV?

The is a reflection of Peter in window


fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for posting these, Dennis.
I definitely missed some things.

The DNA sequence seen on the chalk board behind Astrid in her pic really IS IDENTICAL to the first row in the picture The Observer put on the bar stool for Olivia in "Over There:Part I." If you blow up Astrid's pic to wallpaper size and then pull up the other picture(on page 12 of this FT site) and start reading them, the two are identical.

As for those intials on the table?
Off I go to try to figure those out...

Unknown said...

Thankyou for confirming my suspicions that there was a photo of Olivia in the background. I just couldnt bring the picture up with any definition on my computer. Dennis, you are a legend!

Anonymous said...

reference "alt-Olivia"...

The Show runners call her "Bolivia". In the commentary voiceover for Over There they refer to her as Bolivia. They explained it like they did for Walternate. In this case, Olivia-A vs. Olivia-B.

The originally aired episode even used Bolivia in closed-captioning when she was speaking off-screen.

BondorBust said...

There are a couple more intriguing things in the picture of Olivia.

There is a white haired (possibly white hatted) person in a long cloak at the bus stop.

Beneath the poster of Olivia - there appears to be a silhouette poster of Peter in profile.

In the group shot with the reflected floor - there is a piece of paper in the picture of the flowers the same DNA sequence. Also the torch is on but the reflection of the torch is not...
and Broyles tie has changed colour in this one

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