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Brand New Season 3 Promotional Photos

      Email Post       9/16/2010 01:45:00 PM      

Amazing new promotional photos have been realeased today with a lot of easter eggs. Can you find them?.

 Source: NYPost


fringeobsessed said...

My first impression is that the train platform in the background of several of the pictures is supposed to be South Station in Boston, the station where the commuter rail and subway lines(The "T") all converge. BUT, it could just as easily be a train platform in New York City.(Just because the newspaper says 'The New York Messenger' doesn't mean they are in NY.) But in which world?

My second impression is that, again, Astrid is the only Fringey wearing a touch of color, so is this Alt-Astrid?

Behind her on the chalkboard that row of DNA sequences IS IDENTICAL TO the first row of what we assume were Peter's DNA sequences written on the Peter-causes-doomsday poster that September left on the stool for our Liv(Yeah, I blew up the Astrid pic and checked. Obsessed, I know.)

One more thing. Nina Sharp does not have a prosthetic hand in her picture, so I guess that's Alt-Nina!

Erm, Jeff Pinkner, will you be selling those Fringe Division AU cups and saucers? I'll take a set, please. If they mail you a set and you don't want them Dennis....

Anonymous said...

Alt'Livia and Walternate are in the core 3 pic out on the station, and it looks like an Observer is reflected behind Liv.

Anonymous said...

i think the teacup represents their allegiance to something (anyone know what the logo is?) (w/ nina, its turned around)

and the lamp thingy on the wall looks out of place, like it belongs in that room where they were keeping olivia,

so maybe it has something to do with that?
and the glass/ outside it probably represents the other side.

the dna probably spells something somehow...

Anonymous said...

there is the six-fingered hand on the table in nina's picture and the first picture

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