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Fringe Episode 301: Olivia

      Email Post       9/23/2010 07:54:00 PM      

After the extraordinary turn of events that shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia "over there," she fights to find her way home. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia.

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Anonymous said...

Very disappointing and boring episode. My wife and I have seen every episode and we unsuccessfully tried to think of one more boring and tedious than this one. Bad start, Bad Robot.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone agrees. I love this show so much, and I was hoping for a great start. But it didn't give us anything really new or shocking. It was hard to keep my attention. What happened? I hope this isn't an indication of the rest of the season.

Dennis said...

I thought this episode was going to be like "Bound" - Olivia gets kidnapped, escapes in the first few minutes, then things go back to normal (relatively speaking...)

However, I think this an interesting way to go. Capturing our Olivia wasn't enough - Walternate wants to convert her into Boliva. Why?

Hopefully Olivia is faking full conversion, or she may have varying states of Bolivia consciousness.

I think it will be interesting to explore the other side through her eyes.

I didn't like the Peter scene at the end, felt tacked on, but it sets up the next episode. Poor Peter is a little blinded by his puppy love. We'll see how long that lasts...

Anonymous said...

I didn't hate this episode but I didn't love it.
I hate the whole scene with Peter and Bolivia. I felt like it made the possibility of a relationship with Peter and Olivia even more difficult.
I liked how they kept us guessing. How is Olivia gonna get back? But I REALLY hope that it will get back to "normal" soon. (Don't want them all to be cliff hangers!)

Hopefully it gets better:)soon>:(

Anonymous said...

I think its good start , they want from us to see how Olivia is changing into Alt-Olivia ( I doubt that Olivia is forgetting who's really she is and I guess that she is following the new situation ).

I hate the Alt-Olivia is taking the place of Olivia in the real universe , no one did catch her yet , I hope that Nina will find out .

Its good start .

Anonymous said...

I didn't mind the episode, but I'm getting tired of the writers always making these smart characters act dumb for the sake of the story.

Massive Dynamic isn't where she hoped it would be, and as soon as she says she's trapped there, I got frustrated that Olivia is suddenly too dumb to remember that she 1st met William Bell in his office at WTC and maybe that's where Massive Dynamic is in that world.

I also don't understand why Walternate cares about learning how Olivia can travel between worlds since he's already sending people there already.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with the episode. I waited all summer to see Peter’s reactions to Olivia coming over to the other side to bring him back and he can’t tell the difference between the two? You would think that after two years with a person they would know if you changed and Bolivia doesn’t even have any information on the real Olivia to mimic. I also hate that they are changing the real Olivia by imprinting memories from Bolivia. If she is completely brainwashed and Peter really like the evil Olivia better I may have to stop watching. They have so much material to work with…the pattern, the other universe, the watchers and they are concentrating on a love triangle with 2 Olivia’s. I hope this is not going to be the plot of the whole third season.

Anonymous said...

I actually shut it off two thirds of the way through and watched the rest the next day. I've watched every episode since season one and never once done that. I feel very vested in Olivia the "character" but not Anna the actor. Bolivia is not our "this sides" Olivia. As much as I love the "Over There" and the mythology, it's Olivia, Peter and Walter (and Astrid) that I love coming back to each week.

Will said...

I remember a lot of my friends quit watching fringe at the start of season 2 because they weren't explaining what happened to Olivia on the the other side. And because of that they missed some really great story telling.

This is a really great start to season three in my opinion, and it's all seting up for a clash between the two Fringe divisions. And who wants things to go back to normal? That was season 1: somebody dies in mysterious ways, Walter makes some statement about food, peter ridicules and then excepts and gains respect for his father, Olivia shoot someone, etc. etc. We're moving on, that's what a good story does, not become some formulaic sitcom.

Anonymous said...

I agree this episode was disappointing. I hope they don't go the direction of x-files with an endless riff on a single plot line that never is resolved. They need to keep the stand-alone episodes, and build on the relationships they've started- not tear them down then rebuild all the time.
If I had it to do over again, I'd have never started watching "Lost." I dislike the perpetual cliffhanger, because they can never create an ending that was worth investing over 50 hours of my life. I hope they learned from that mistake.

Anonymous said...

Personaly, I think this episode was really good. The writers could have got Olivia back in our universe in this first episode to please some people. But it would have been too easy.
Now they are setting up a real plot with our Olivia becoming Bolivia : is she faking it to infiltrate more easily the other FD (and then learn more about their intention) and being able to escape? Or is the treatment actually working (the way she said Franck instead of Peter in the cab was very sincere in my opinion)? This is really interesting to see how they are going to figure this out.
And I like the fact that Peter likes Bolivia because it's very exciting to see how all this will end (and yet I am the first who wants to see Olivia and Peter together ;) )

So yes, it was not a very "full of action and weird things" episode but it was really really good. And I can't wait to see the rest of the season.

(I'm French so excuse my english ;) )

Will said...

Maybe I'm just weird then. I hope not. Personally, I'm not a big fan of television, this is the only show I actually follow with any interest, mostly because most television shows devolve into a monotonous formula replayed over and over again in a sad and desperate attempt to keep their show alive as long as possible (take Bones for example), as opposed to actually telling good stories. Nothing in life is constant, so why is it that almost every show on TV portrays the lives of its characters as never (or barely ever) changing? Do we cling so desperately to the familiar that we fantasize about it in our mythology?

Will said...


aol said...

I was trying to catch the writer/singer/band that played the last song on the show and couldn't.
Does anyone know who it is?

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