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Joshua Jackson Talks Olivia, Peter, and daddy issues plus induldges our inner 'Dawson's Creek' geek

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By Carina Adly MacKenzie

September 23, 2010 11:26 AM ET
We have a confession to make.

We love "Fringe's" Joshua Jackson. From "The Mighty Ducks" to that awful werewolf movie, our admiration has never faltered.

When Zap2it was invited on an exclusive visit to the "Fringe" set, we had no choice but to admit to Jackson that we still crack open our "Dawson's Creek" DVDs on an embarrassingly regular basis.

"Well, I apologize for the fifth season, but other than that, I think we're okay," he teases. We also had to ask him about his recent adventures at Pacey Con, the all-Pacey all the time alternative to Comic Con -- and we teased him a little bit about his unique creek wardrobe.

Once we got our fill of Capeside nostalgia, we jumped right into the "Fringe" universe. The show's September 23 premiere (on FOX at 9 p.m.) is aptly titled "Olivia."

"Season 3 so far has been the season of Olivia," says Jackson, who was working on Episode 5 at the time of the interview. "We have almost what amounts to two shows. We have the over there side, as they're dealing with their version of the Fringe incidents, and the over here side, where we're dealing with ours. I don't write the show, but I know there's inevitably going to be a crunch as we sort of figure out the Olivia question."

Because of the focus on Olivia (Anna Torv) and her alternate, Jackson has found himself with a little bit more time on his hands. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm probably the last man smiling on set. It's Friday, I've got two hours of work today, so while I don't get the cool thing of playing two versions of my own character, I do get the even cooler thing of doing eight days of Fringe and eight days off."

Though he's enjoyed spending time with girlfriend Diane Krueger -- and some of his high school buddies, since Vancouver is his hometown -- it doesn't mean Jackson hasn't put some thought into who Peter might have been in an alternate universe.

"I'd like him to be a healthy upstanding citizen," Joshua jokes. "I think if we did the alternate Peter what would've been cool would've been to do the version where the illness sort of crippled him, and instead of being the guy who ran away outside, he would've run away inside. He would sort of be the boy in the bubble. But we'll never know!"

As many fans would agree, Jackson's favorite part of the show is the interaction between Peter and Walter (John Noble). "As if one set of parents wasn't enough of a pain in the a**," he laughs. "We haven't really gotten into it yet, but I'm hoping we get into it heavily, because for me, that's the most interesting stuff that I get to do here. All the Sci-Fi is, fun but it's just big and out there. At the center of it all you have this kick-a** heroine, you know, this woman against all odds, who just is always driving, driving, driving. And then the backdrop to her investigations is this father son dynamic, which is unusual to put into a science fiction show."

Jackson has plenty to say about Peter and Olivia's love life, but he says he finds the ever-evolving relationship between Peter and Walter to be the most interesting part of the show. "It's just a ton of fun to me. There's an infinite amount of stuff to play, John Noble is phenomenal, and I got all of my romantic angsty bulls*** out of the way years ago."

Hey now. We liked that romantic angsty stuff, Pacey Witter.

"Some of it was bulls***," Jackson teases good-naturedly. "But it was glorious bulls***."

We'll take it.

*Warning:Joshua uses some colorful language near the end of the interview. Not suggested listening for children under 13.*



DreamSpinnerWorkShop said...

Please, please, don't take Fringe into the boring, left field crappie category of “lost”. This Olivia trapped in alternative realm just losses the freshness of a changing story line if it goes on to long you will lose the interest of two loyal fans.
PS I did like the first two seasons of lost
Rudy & Joi Thompson

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