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Video: Peter & Olivia ... & Olivia

      Email Post       9/21/2010 03:36:00 PM      

The producers and cast talk about the love triangle between Peter, Olivia and Alt-Livia. Do you think this is a good idea?


JuliDG said...

Katie I think this decision its from Fox :) Lets hope they manage this relationship as well as the show, I really trust in them ;)

Dennis said...

Having just watched the first two episodes of Season 3, I think they handled this well so far. This is not just some simple Skater/Jater love story.

Also, don't worry about Josh's talent. Season 3 looks like it's going to give Josh the opportunity to take more of a leading role.

Interesting line from this clip:

"Your hair's different. I think I like yours better."

What a smooth operator. Remember this line...

fringeobsessed said...

I'm a little jealous of you right now, Dennis. :)

JuliDG said...

Oh god Dennis you shoot share the episode with us ;) lol

Anonymous said...

This love triangle is a very bad idea, and has no interest, just very boring, hoping it won't ruin my favorite serie, I want my beloved caracters back, but I'm worried by the damage done.

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