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Why Fringe Deserves to Win the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Drama

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Fringe fans have known for a long time that the show is special. It was the quality of the show and the dedication of its loyal fan base that led to its fourth season renewal. FOX president Kevin Reilly called the fans “some of the most passionate and loyal fans on the planet.”

Fringe fans on Twitter will always remember producer Joel Wyman’s tweet: “Fringe was picked up! Thanks Fringedom!” Thanks to organized efforts like The Fringe Network, fans were also able to Twitter-trend Anna Torv, Fauxlivia, Walternate, and a special hash-tag created for the season finale title, #TheDayWeDied.

It’s now time for fans to show their passion and loyalty once again. Many have expressed disappointment and frustration with the lack of official awards recognition for what they consider the best drama on television.

Fringe is among the list of nominees for the Critics' Choice Television Awards. Presented by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, it honors the best in television. Dramas that aired between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011 were eligible for nomination. The awards ceremony event will occur on June 20, 2011.

Many well-respected television critics adore the show, and they heaped praise upon it for its creativity and risk-taking ventures. Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker even went as far as to write an article explaining to readers why Fringe deserved a fourth season.

Fans need to rally around this nomination, and show the voting committee why Fringe is worthy of a win for Best Drama. As an intensely loyal Cortexifan, I’ll start.

Why is Fringe an Amazing Drama?

Fringe is more than just science-fiction. The show masterfully blends elements of science, emotion, conscience, morality, philosophy, intrigue, action and romance. It is at its very core the story of three people drawn together by extraordinary circumstances. Eventually, these three form what they consider an “odd little family unit.” There is a certain investment that viewers feel for the characters of Olivia, Walter and Peter. Fans care so much about them that they cheer for their victories and cry for their sorrows.

The writing for Fringe does not take the easy route. The show consistently pushes the envelope for excellent storytelling. The choice to alternate between two worlds for several episodes was one of the most satisfying for viewers. Also, an extremely unique love-triangle developed, when other shows would not have dared to attempt it.

Continuity is also a show staple. Fringe evolved this season from a procedural/mythology hybrid, to a full-blown serial drama focusing on the mythology. Events and clues from prior seasons resurface in later episodes. One of the most fundamental this season was the use of a Greek phrase from Season Two that means, “be a better man than your father.”

The showrunners obviously have a plan for the direction of the show. For the viewer paying attention, the payoff is immense. This aspect also makes Fringe one of the shows with the highest replay value. Many fans are re-watching the entire series this summer in order to make new connections with information from season three.

The Critically Acclaimed Third Season

The amazing third season was the best yet, and is highly deserving of the win for Best Drama. After a long summer hiatus, Fringe returned with a bang. It was on fire for the first half of season three and white-hot as the season finished.

At the end of season two, fans were left in shock as F.B.I. agent Olivia Dunham was left behind in the parallel universe, having been switched with the alternate Olivia. Meanwhile, Walter and Peter return to their universe with Olivia’s alternate self.

The story-arc for the first eight episodes partially concerned Olivia’s struggle “Over There.” Viewers were presented with a glimpse of the parallel universe in the Season 2 finale, but this world was made more real in the third season. The viewer was immersed in a world with a few differences from ours. For one thing, the Twin Towers still stand “Over There.”

However, the world is dying due to disturbances caused when Walter from our world came through a tear between universes, and took its Peter Bishop back with him in order to save his life. People “Over There" often deal with vortexes and wormholes. The Fringe Division is part of the Department of Defense. When an unstable anomaly is detected, they are deployed to determine if Amber protocol needs to be initiated. Amber is a gaseous substance that solidifies, thus sealing tears in the universe. Unfortunately, it often catches people as it is dispersed. The viewer sees how desperate the people of this world have become.

Olivia's journey home led to many complications and opportunities for character growth.

The complicated relationship between Peter and Walter Bishop offers a heartening, but also tragic look at one of the best father/son pairs on television. The third season highlighted acceptance and forgiveness on many levels for the two of them.

The relationship between Peter and Olivia reached its apex this season. They are often hailed as one of the most well-progressed television couples. The obstacles that the two of them faced together were unlike any endured by any other romantic pair on television this season. Their relationship developed organically as they found how to forgive, trust, and love one another. Peter made a huge sacrifice in the name of love at the end of the season. When Olivia lost her life, he felt he had nothing left to lose and made a game-changing decision.

The war between the universes drove the plot for most of the season. Many viewers became attached to both of the worlds, and were frightened by the possibility of one of them being destroyed. The people "Over There" became just as human as the people "Over Here." Fans cared about Fauxlivia, Lincoln Lee, Charlie Francis, Henry Higgins, and the son of Fauxlivia and Peter. Many of the characters hoped for a peaceful resolution that allowed both worlds to survive.

Characters and Actors

This drama has shown steady character growth over each season. This season was the most progressive in fundamental changes for each of the main three characters. All of the cast gave stellar performances. Anna Torv and John Noble especially had to step up their games to play two different versions of the same character.

Walter/Walternate (John Noble)

Walter Bishop experienced a range of emotions this season, and Noble nailed it. Walter had come to terms with the consequences of his actions. He also had to accept that Peter was his own man, and to let him choose his own destiny. Also, Walter came to grips with the fact that he was still a good man. He realized that he could stand on his own, even if he was no longer whole.

Walternate was shown as a man driven to protect his world, no matter what the cost. What had initially started as despair from Peter’s kidnapping, turned into a failed marriage. Walternate made the universal war personal, and it seemed to no longer just be about getting his son back. In the finale episode, set in the future, his display of vengeance was complete as he destroyed what Peter loved most.

Olivia/Fauxlivia (Anna Torv)

Torv convincingly played several roles this season, which has astounded fans and critics alike. She played Olivia, Alternate Olivia, Olivia thinking she’s the other, Fauxlivia pretending to be Olivia, 2026 Olivia, and even did an amazing impression of Leonard Nimoy when his William Bell character possessed her body.

Olivia suffered long and hard this season. She was taken from the man she loved and injected with the memories of another version of herself. All so that Walternate and his scientists could find out how Olivia had the ability to cross between worlds. The season showed the strength and resolve of Olivia Dunham. Her will to survive and get back to Peter saved her life. But when she came home, she learned that her alternate had lived her life, and that Peter had fallen for her in every way. Olivia saw Fauxlivia as “like her, but better,” and this really brought questions about individuality to the forefront. All the while she shut Peter out thinking that he preferred the other Olivia over her. As time progressed, she found that she is her own person, and that Peter loves her for who she is. She came to see herself as something special instead of a broken soul.

The alternate Olivia, also known as Fauxlivia, was a happy-go-lucky gal that became immersed in a covert operation to save her universe. She was cocky, but showed signs of being unsure of herself. Goaded on by the shapeshifter Newton, she crossed her moral line and seduced Peter. She eventually came to see that the people “Over Here” were not the monsters that Walternate had her believe them to be. Peter especially got to her conscience when he told her that he believed there had to be a way to save both worlds. When she returned, she brought “something more" with her. An unplanned pregnancy, with Peter Bishop as the father, turned her world upside down. She became humbled, and with the accelerated birth of her son, she realized the true cost of the war between worlds.

Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson)

There is only one living Peter Bishop in both of the universes, so Jackson did not have the opportunity to play an alternate version of the character. But he gave impressive performances, many of which were heart-breaking to witness. His scenes in the episodes Entrada, The Firefly, Reciprocity and The Day We Died were some of his best work.

As a child of two worlds, Peter felt like he did not really belong in either. But he came back here for Olivia when she told him, “you belong with me.” Peter really thought that “Olivia’s” slight changes in personality and mannerisms were because she had entered a relationship with him, and she was happy. He did question it, but didn’t pursue his suspicions further. When he discovered the truth, there was doubt that he was angry at himself for dismissing the differences. He was so relieved when his Olivia came home, but pained because he had to tell her the truth. Peter did tell her everything as much as it hurt, because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Although he struggled with it all season, Peter came to accept his destiny regarding the ancient machine which was the key to either creating or destroying universes. However, when faced with the possibility that he made the wrong choice in destroying his home universe, he was willing to change it, no matter the price.

Episodes of Note:

Olivia: The Season opener set up the first eight episodes of the season. Olivia was broken down and injected with her alternate's memories. She escaped, but by the end of the episode, she believed that she was the other Olivia Dunham.

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep: The very last scene had many fans on the edge of their seats. The scene alternates between the death of nemesis Thomas Jerome Newton and Fauxlivia's seduction of Peter.

Entrada: Peter was informed that Olivia was trapped in the alternate universe, and that he was sleeping with the enemy. After great struggle and sacrifice, Olivia made it home. But she had no idea that someone else lived her life and loved Peter while she was gone.

Marionette: One of the larger themes for this season has been individuality. What makes us who we are? When a man brought his dead love back to life, did he really bring her back? Because of this, Olivia wondered why Peter could not recognize that the Olivia he was involved with was not her. She told him bluntly after she broke down at the end of the episode, "She wasn't me. How could you not see that?" Shortly followed with a heartbreaking, "I don't want to be with you!"

The Firefly: The mid-season premier marked the return of the mysterious Observer. He asked Walter for some help, and it turned out that the favor involved Peter.

6B: Olivia finally accepted the pain that Peter endured from his mistake, and realized how easy it was for people to be fooled when they are so desperately in love. She took a leap of faith that had many fans smiling at the end. She told Peter, "I want what you want," and led him sweetly by the hand up the Bishops' staircase to his room, and the scene faded to black.

Subject 13: This is a follow-up to the second season's critically acclaimed episode, Peter. It took place six months later. Walter tried to use the universe crossing abilities of his cortexiphan subjects to return Peter to his home universe. One of the subjects was a young Olivia Dunham. An astonishing reveal was made.

Bloodline: A group kidnapped Olivia from "Over There" and accelerated her pregnancy to term. The birth scene had many fans in tears for the suffering of a character that many were not fond of, and that some downright loathed. The fact that it could make viewers feel compassion for someone perceived to be the “evil” twin, is a testament to a great story and excellent writing.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: This is an episode that showcases just how far the characters will go to save each other. Peter and Walter use LSD to enter Olivia’s mind in order to release her from the hold of William Bell’s consciousness.

The finale arc (6:02 AM EST, The Last Sam Weiss, The Day We Died)

These three episodes bring season three to an epic close. Questions are answered, and viewers find out the fate of the universes as well as the future of beloved characters.

The finale ending has consistently been among the lists of top cliffhangers for this broadcast season. Prepare to be wowed when watching, and have some tissues ready.

Bloodline, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, 6:02 AM EST, The Last Sam Weiss and The Day We Died are available to watch at Fox.com.

Here's to winning the Critics' Choice Award for Best Drama!


cortexifan said...

totally agree with you. All aspects of Fringe should be nominated for awards. Excellent and outstanding acting, great writing, awesome music, movie worthy special effects. Fringe is probably the most well-rounded TV show I know.
Is it September yet?

Unknown said...

Exactly. Everything goes together to make this show special. There is nothing like it on television. Sadly, after seeing what happened to Peter when he messed with time, I'm not going to try and flash-forward to September. ;)

cortexifan said...

Yeah, I've stopped making assumptions. I have not been disappointed yet. I will eagerly await what they have for us.
Fringe Rocks!

Anonymous said...

I swear the more praise john and Anna gets the ANGRIER I get.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey, I love Josh! But he didn't have an alternate. He was awesome with what he was given! But this is about Fringe as a whole. They ALL make it the best drama on television.

Anonymous said...

@ aimee long, yeah josh was great with what he was given which was NOTHING! All josh had done was not tell two stupid olivias apart.

Anonymous said...

We all LOVE Josh! You just gotta trust the writers, have faith. I have a feeling season 4 will be all about Peter/Observer. I hope he comes back as an Observer at least I hope but different kind more roguish, vagabond, drifter... kinda noire-ish. And seriously when are they going to give Astrid a love interest, not that its a big deal just saying. Nevertheless I love FRINGE so hard, just started watching this show two months ago instantly got hooked. Walter=LEGEND

Anonymous said...

I have had faith for last 3 years and every year, its the same stuff with peter. Also why should I trust the same writers who gave Anna 4 people to play while josh played ONLY ONE boring character and everyone ignores josh because of it!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's ignoring Josh and only people who don't appreciate him find him boring. He's a great actor with what he's given and if he were REALLY great, he wouldn't need another version of his character to shine. Do not confuse more characters as better actor!

And I don't know what show you've been watching, but Peter had a lot to do this season. He had the entire machine arc and dominated the finale, he was the bond that made Olivia realize she didn't belong in the alternate universe, he patched things up with his Altlivia mistake, he went into Olivia's mind, and he killed shapeshifters. Sure, he does have as much as Anna, but then again she IS the centre of the show from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

People need to lightened up! After what happened in the season finale Peter has become much more pivotal if not the most important character in the series. I love every character but I gotta say Peter now has a special place in my heart ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

"After what happened in the season finale Peter has become much more pivotal if not the most important character in the series."

That's so funny! There is nothing pivotal or important about someone, who never existed. Think about it, they negated the character in the most disrespectful way. They killed him off and no one remembers him. Ha! Bye bye, Peter! Now they can focus on truly important stuff.

At least there is Walter left. I'm rooting for his continued existence as long as the show is on air. It's shocking that John Noble's talent hasn't been recognized by the industry yet. He is wonderful and a class act.

Anna Torv had a nice season, Bellivia's blunder notwithstanding. Her acting in Entrada and Marionette was award winning worthy and I hope she wins in her category.

kelly said...

I thought this article is about why Fringe deserves an award. Fringe just got recognized in Italy and is now nominated for more awards. Why can't we all be happy for Fringe? Plus we now have a fourth season. Why can't we celebrate and wish our show and actors good luck instead of arguing about the same thing over and over again.

Unknown said...

I trust that something truly awesome is in store for
Peter this coming season. My perception of his role places him as the heart of the show. He's my favorite character, so you can imagine my WTF response at the finale ending. Let's just say that the Observers are not my fave folks right now...

At first I was worried, but now I trust Joel Wyman when he said to "not worry" and that they "LOVE Peter." In fact, I'm betting that things will be worse for Walter/Olivia if "he never existed." But there is no use getting riled up when we won't know for three months where this all is going.

I agree with Kelly. Fringe had an amazing season. I love all of the characters and actors. We should be happy that the show is being nominated for awards and winning some of them. Geez, it was *this* close to being axed. Now, we have serious Emmy talk.

This will be my last comment for this article. I'd rather celebrate then rehash the same thing over and over with the same people. Life's too short.

bleurenoir said...

What Kelly said... Why can't people be happy for the show?! Josh will be back maybe not as Peter, but he will be there. Who knows he might play a more badass character. In the end its all about FRINGE as whole and I'm elated for the show and its actors who are getting recognized.

Unknown said...

Maybe not last comment... Peter IS part of the whole, not Josh alone. I don't want "another character." It's Peter that I fell in love with. ;)

bleurenoir said...

@ Aimee What I was trying to say is that, since Peter doesn't "exist". My guess is that he wont remember who he was, therefore he will be playing maybe a slightly different character. I hope I make sense. But we all want the same thing, that is Peter. I love him too. :)

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy the show if the writers would stop pleasing the john and Anna fans so darn much.

fringeobsessed said...

If the writers are going to parallel what happened to the "Peter Lake" character in "Winter's Tale," the book young Liv was reading in "Subject 13," PB will look exactly the same but will not remember ANYTHING about himself, even his name. All Peter Lake remembers is what he is good at, and that he loved some woman very much. Will be interesting to see if any of this will hold true for our Peter.

bleurenoir said...

@ fringeobsessed

I like that very much, guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm really exited for season four. The vast possibilities are infinite! This could be a good thing for Josh, making his character more complex and challenging for him to play. I'm new to this show, so all these theories overwhelm me sometimes but surely enough I'll get use to it. ;)

Unknown said...

bleurenoir, I gotcha now, and I also find fringeobsessed's thoughts interesting. :D

Anonymous said...

After reading these article, I felt to really watch the show. Reminds me of my favorite sci-fi show by Gene Rodenbery Earth Final Conflict. Im excited to watch sci-again after a long time. Well done! abs-cbn

Unknown said...

If Fringe gains just one new viewer after reading this article, then I couldn't be happier. I truly hope that you will enjoy it!

MacInOz said...

FRINGE is awesome! and Yes, i have my favourite but at the end of the day I tune in for the WHOLE show. So if ur just a one character lover, all i gotta say is put a sock in it! Stick to the one character dedicated vids on youtube and stop dissing the writers, the other actors and FRINGE. Because if you look at the title of the show, it's FRINGE. NOT Josh Jackson NOT Anna Torv NOT John Noble. IT'S FRINGE DAMN IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol, if the show is called fringe then why is john and Anna getting all the attention? Even in this article the poster decided to point out only john and Anna as giving outstanding performances.

Unknown said...

Some people see only what they want to see. And that's fine. But please don't say something that is not true.

I most certainly did not only point out Josh and Anna. What part of "All of the cast gave stellar performances" excludes anyone? If anything, I left out the supporting cast of Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown; they also deserve recognition.

I stated that Josh "gave impressive performances, many of which were heart-breaking to witness. His scenes in the episodes Entrada, The Firefly, Reciprocity and The Day We Died were some of his best work."

Anonymous said...

All right but one thing and I am done, no show deserves an award that makes people prefer Lincoln over peter because of that stupid Olivia storyline. I hate to say it.

Fringie6989 said...

I can't believe some of you are getting so worked up about this. Josh has done amazing with his role in season 3. In Marionette, in the garden scene. Both Anna AND Josh brought me to tears. The end of Entrada when Peter kissed Olivia's forehead in the hospital also brought me to tears. And who can forget about the finale with Peter after Olivia's funeral? Why must it be a competition? ALL of the actors have done an amazing job this season and throughout the series. I am a DIEHARD Peter fan despite a few rocky times during the so called "stupid Olivia storyline" If people preferred Lincoln over Peter, then they have a right to do that. It was certainly not that the show put him in a bad light. They showed that he was human. Just like Walter, just like Olivia. Peter has become a much bigger character than he appeared to be in season 1. And now, who is being talked about during the hiatus the most? Peter! This has been a wonderful season of Fringe (the best so far IMO)Let's PLEASE just celebrate that its finally getting recognition!!

Fringie6989 said...

By the way Aimee, GREAT article!

Anonymous said...

Why must it be a competition? cause the media only mentions john and Anna in every single darn review and NEVER josh. Josh might as well not exist oh that's right he doesn't!

Anonymous said...

Great article ,


Unknown said...

People can prefer Lincoln over Peter if they want, but I feel that he didn't have a lot of character development this season. I like him, even though I thought he was kinda jerky for telling Liv that Frank was going to propose. Lincoln is more forward with his emotions; Peter is not. I think the character has potential, but to me, he is no Peter Bishop.

The first character I fell for when I started Fringe was Olivia. Then I really fell for Peter during "The Arrival." There are certain things about both of them that I can identify with. They are both my age and suffered some similar struggles. It took some time for me to really like Walter. But now, I can't see the show without any of them.

It says something when the writers and cast can bring these characters such life, that the audience becomes so invested in them. Forum comments show this - whether we agree or not - the passion is there.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, I am done with this peter/Josh hating show.

Anonymous said...

GleeBee, please get a life. You have infected every single Fringe board, including Tumblr (oh, and changing your Tumblr name won't help, we know it's you) and guess what? NO ONE cares about your endless broken-record ranting. Obviously you have gone off your bipolar medication this week.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln can be sweet, lovely,And, Yay, it must be hard for the fangirls to see ..HIM...saying "I love you" and...crying.
And you know, soft-hearted, hands trembeling while catching the gun at who?...Hm... Henry. He's also petit and immature, for those very reasons, he is no Peter Bishop. Matter-of-fact. no offense to Lee fans.

Anonymous said...

you're doing Josh/Peter more harm than good. I hope you stop watching Fringe, for the sake of Peter's character.

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