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Noble Gesture:Fringe,Others Get Love from Broadcast Critics

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Noble Gesture: Fringe, Others Get Love from Broadcast Critics
Posted by James Poniewozik Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 11:08 am

The brand-spanking-new Broadcast Television Journalists Association has announced the winners of its brand-spanking-new Critics' Choice Television Awards. The winners (list follows the jump) include some usual-suspects shows like Mad Men, but also underrecognized series like Fringe, whose John Noble (best supporting actor) deserves any hardware he can get, anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I knew it Anna was snubbed again, and Fringe lost to Mad Men, which I knew also was going to happen, theses awards are all the same, they pick the same people all the time,watch Anna and John get Emmy noms and John win that too and Anna gets nothing,and the show most likely wont ether, I guess you have to have a penis to get noticed on Fringe,oh and I do like John and think he deserves and award, but Anna did allot more then he did this season,and I am sure even he thinks Anna deserves these awards more then him,this is a dam shame!

Fringie6989 said...

I'm just thrilled that Fringe got recognized! I completely agree that Anna deserves all the awards she can get but John has also had amazing performances specifically in season 3 so yay for him! He totally deserves it!

trent said...

"I guess you have to have a penis to get noticed on Fringe"

This is totally a war against actresses! Anna Torv got snubbed, because she's a woman! I can't even! Yeah, I guess you need a penis to get noticed in the "Supporting Actor" category. Luckily she competed in the "Best Actress" category with other people without penises. It's just that another person without a penis got the award.

And no, nobody deserves the award more than him. There is good acting and then there is John Noble.

fringeaddict said...

It's about time that anything/anyone Fringe related is being recognised and John deserves his award for sure. ButI gotta agree, Anna Torv is amazing and has been duped by award shows for actors who take on superficial roles who tend to have alot of the actor that play them. I've only seen a few of her interviews but I can't see any of herself in Olivia which makes me admire her work even more and makes me think she deserves an award for it. Hopefully those in the biz will acknowledge what the public REALLY sees.

trent said...

I've just read that John Noble, Anna Torv and Fringe got their Saturn awards. Congratulations, everybody!

Little Gothic Horrors said...

'Fringe' is an excellent show with excellent performances by all the actors involved. It deserves recognition! I don't think it's a penis thing. Let's not start blaming the penis... the penis has many fine qualities.

Lux Lea said...

nobody deserves the award more than him. There is good acting and then there is John Noble.

Mr. Noble's acting has been outstanding from the beginning and he took it up a notch this past season.

This is nothing against Ms. Torv. I think she's come into her own this year.

fringeobsessed said...

I'm hoping John Noble is one very happy camper when he wakes up today. :)

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