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New Interview with Anna Torv.

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Here's a new interview with Anna Torv for Sky1 HD.


fringeobsessed said...

"I wanna know where my super-sonic hearing went."
So do I, Anna.

Anonymous said...
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trent said...

The writers explained the super-hearing was a side effect from crossing over between universes, but I thought her powers allowed her to travel between universes without consequences to her health. Perhaps it was the traumatic way Bell returned her over here. Anyway, she recovered from that, it would be weird to bring that back. It's not like it was of much help to her after all.

Yeoman11liu said...

Like the interview, the quality of the video, the set, lighting, and interviewer are all good.
Hope for more good questions, and not same questions that we can find allover the internet.

Anonymous said...

I'm always more of a Character fan than an actors fan.... But the more Anna Torv interviews I see, the more i become her fan 'cause she is NOTHING like Olivia and it just goes to prove what an amazing actor she is. I'm sure the same can be said for the others but i don't really watch interviews unless they reveal something about the show itself...
Even though this didn't give much away it was still good. Thanks for uploading this vid.

Anonymous said...


That superhearing is just a short-term side-effect. It`s not lethal. But her ability protects her from being moleculary unstable so she can cross over whenever she wants to and she won`t die because of it.


Anonymous said...

Actually her superhearing was there this season at over there "amber" i think when she heard the bomb . but i think that Olivia still doesn't know how to use her abilities , Walter knows better than any one else what Olivia is capable to do maybe in s4 we will Olivia+abilities .


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