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Fringe Wins Three Saturn Awards!

      Email Post       6/24/2011 03:32:00 AM      

The awards keep rolling in for Fringe.

The winners for the 37th annual Saturn Awards were announced today, with Fringe taking home wins in three of the four categories they were nominated for:
  • Fringe won "Best Network Series", beating out Lost, Smallville, Supernatural, V, and The Vampire Diaries.
  • John Noble picked up another award in the "Best Supporting Actor in Television" category, beating out fellow Fringe actor Lance Reddick.
  • Anna Torv was finally recognized with an award for "Best Actress in Television".

Congratulations to everyone! Next stop: The Emmy Awards...


45 said...

Congrats to john and anna and the show...I hope it gets canceled. Those writers RUINED JOSHUA JACKSON!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for all of them , and Anna won last year also .

Hope and fingers crossed for emmys


trent said...

Congratulations, Fringe! Congratulations to Anna Torv for her second Saturn award! Congratulations to John Noble for his first one!

3 weeks left, until Josh reads John Noble's nomination for the Emmy Awards!

45 said...

Yeah wouldn't that be great, seeing Josh who was given nothing to do at all this year announce john noble's name who is given the world.

trent said...

45/kate/Patty, stop please!

fringeaddict said...

Congrats to all the Fringe crew!! Here's hoping they take the win at the Emmys too!!

Trent. Your such a s#it stirrer. '3 weeks until Josh reads John Noble's nomination...'kinda reads like '3 weeks until Josh reads the nominations because unlike John he wasn't actually nominated'... U know that's bound to hiss up a reaction from kate who I think is 45 now. hahaha

trent said...

fringeaddict, what? That's your interpretation, but I that was my way of wishing John good luck! People have said exactly the same thing, ever since the news that Josh will announce the Emmy nominations came out. John is the one, who has the most chances to get nominated, let's be real here.

Kristin said...

I guarantee Josh would be absolutely thrilled for John.

fringeaddict said...

@ Trent. My bad for that interpretation then. I guess I thought u were being a smart ass 'cause I'd just read various threads with kate/45/anonymous ranting on about the 'injustices' Joshua Jackson has to 'deal' with by being a part of Fringe (must have just been in that mind set)...
I don't really care which Fringe actor gets the nod or takes the win as long as someone from Fringe gets it. All the actors have done a brilliant job with their characters.

cortexifan said...

Congratulations to the show, Anna and John! Well deserved!

fringeobsessed said...

I woke up this morning to this incredible news!
How excited Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman must be, not to mention Anna, and John with his secon win of the week!

Thanks to the awards, the neverending tweeting of J&J and Ari(I adore all that BTW!), and the Fringe articles that keep popping up, this barely feels like a hiatus. It feels like a celebration!

anto said...


bonnie scotland said...

i think we are all delighted that Fringe has recognition. congrats. however, it must be said that for the lead actor not to be nominated while Torv has been - is a bit of a blow and very unfair on Joshua Jackson who has worked so beautifully with John throughout the series. Personally I don't rate Torv with all her head waggling and over the top facial ticks, but if people like her fair enough. however, one can't help feeling that although Joshua will undoubtedly be gracious, it must hurt. lets be mindful of that.

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