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Happy Birthday to Joshua Jackson

      Email Post       6/11/2011 02:00:00 PM      

Wondering where Peter Bishop is?
Can't answer you that, but I can tell you the actor who plays him, Joshua Jackson, is celebrating his 33rd birthday today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH, from all of us here at fringetelevision.com!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

A Happy Birthday! to our dearest Josh. ;)

Unknown said...

Yup, Happy 33rd Birthday Mr.Jackson!

*sings Happy Birthday in best Fringemunk voice.*

JuliDG said...

Happy B-Day Josh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Joshua.

trent said...

HB, Josh! (Just when I thought I couldn't get any lazier...)

Anonymous said...

I am A great Fan Of Yours.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!!!!!

Old Darth said...

Happy Birthday!

The religious implications of Peter being 33 at the end of S3/start of S4 is highly ironic.

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