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'Fringe' series finale 'has been written'

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'Fringe' series finale 'has been written'
Tuesday, June 14 2011, 10:10am EDT
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Fringe star Anna Torv has insisted that the show's writers know how the series will end.

The actress told TV & Satellite Week that the sci-fi drama's final episode "has been written".

"I've been told the ultimate final episode has been written," she said. "[The writers] know where they want us to go, but they don't know yet when we will get there."

However, Torv added that plans for the show's series finale "could still change", noting that the writing team have only sketched out a "skeleton" premise.

"It's more of a dance between the audience, the creators and the cast about what works and what doesn't," she explained. "It's nice that although the skeleton of what is going to happen is there, it's still a dance."

Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham, also admitted that she personally has no idea how Fringe will come to an end.

"Initially, I wanted to know [what's going to happen], now I'm happy not to," she said. "There's something great about working on a film or a play where you know where you're going, but on television it's more open and that's good too."

The executive producers of Fringe previously revealed that they have a seven-year plan for the show, while series star Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) claimed that the plan runs to eight seasons.

Fringe was officially renewed for a fourth season in March. The show will return to Fridays at 8/9c on Fox in the fall.


Cerulean said...

Seven seasons of Fringe = HEAVEN!!!
Eight seasons of Fringe = ...what is better than Heaven? Oh, I know! FRINGE!!!

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Seven or eight seasons of 'Fringe' sounds fantastic! I'm still not over the cancellation of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles', so I'm badly hoping that 'Fringe' will go the distance!!

Anonymous said...

It`s clear that there won`t be 7 seasons of Fringe. Pinkner and Wyman know that when they say they have ideas for 7 seasons that will enrich the overall story, then, if FOX would like to cancel Fringe the public pressure would be huge. People would be like "give them just one more season to patch things up".

I think that`s what they wanna achieve by saying it. So that FOX would give them another season because I think they wanna have 5 seasons and properly end the series.

I just think that`s the case so if that`s not true I`m sorry.


Anonymous said...

i personally think fringe will last 5 seasons, with the fifth season being 13 episodes, this would end the show with a 100 episodes perfect for syndication

iRandy said...

I agree with the 100-episode theory. It makes sense. Now, let's hope some new fans will start tuning in to this amazing show next season. I think once more folks catch up on DVDs, they'll gladly tune in on Friday nights.

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