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The non-profit organization Science Olympiad has teamed up with FOX in creating Fringe-themed lesson plans that use the show to teach about real scientific phenomena.

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For example, last weeks episode "The Man From the Other Side" is used to discuss bioelectricity, the study of how electromagnetic fields interact with cells and tissues, and how the muscular system requires the use of electric potentials.

Lesson plans for the last five episodes are available for download at


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

i simply love this program more than anything just can think of missing one :)

Anonymous said...

As a homeschooling mom I think this is so cool!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what the creators of the X Files think about Fringe?

Michael said...

With out a doubt..THE COOLEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!!!! PLEASE keep them coming!!

Anonymous said...

I love Fringe - I started watching it on netflix,
and would be spellbound for 3 hours!!

Now catching up on episodes for this year.

Anonymous said...

Love Fringe! This show is awesome!

Anonymous said...

can't get enough!!

Unknown said...

Have watched Fringe from the beginning and have brought friends into watching and loving series. It is the only reason I continue to keep my cable. Should the rumers about cancelling the show become true, so will my cancellation of your network and tv

Dennis said...

Jessi, fringe was already renewed for a fourth season. See:

crazysatyam said...

All the cases remain unsolved..none could explain Iridium shell,how that man captured high voltage,uncontrollabe aging,anything....its more fiction than science

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Fringe is the best show ever!! My favorite character is Anna Torv(Olivia Dunham).

Anonymous said...

love fringe and miss jerico

Jerome Munsami said...

Fringe is the best show that has ever. And I'm thrilled about the 4th season being approved by Fox. The remainding two eposodes for season 3 were said to be action-packed, but after watching eposode 21, that proved to be a major understatement to how cool it really was. Keep it up guys! :)

Anonymous said...

Fringe at one time.. was the best thing on Tv now unfortunately now it's up there with Donald Trump's sad and pathetic mess ..It adds to the lines of ultra riduculous..and as sad as it is to say this crap now needs to end and please be quick about it .. or go out and hire some new thinking script writers's as tho evey writer from every failed soap,cancelled reality show,unaired rewites of Lost and Survivor have been picked up by this project in hopes of showing how truely boring and how wrong something,once so good,can sink to these levels of utter desperation..Dear God !!kill it will ya give it some peace.. get it out of it misery ..

Anonymous said...

The last episode couldn't have ended that way.

the part where Peter went out of existence was a paradox.

if Peter hadn't of existed, Walter would have never crossed dimensions to get Peter as a child to begin with, witch would have never caused rifts to form, neither dimension would have know the other existed aside from the theory of relativity or string theory.

so if Peter never existed, the temporal corruption would have never taken place, and the machine wouldn't work, so how could he create a bridge between dimensions?

i know it just a tv show, but all the cools stuff and the last episode is a botch.

although it is very possible to tear open a wormhole, it takes, harmonics, magnetics,and lots of power.
knowing where one is, is the fun part.

but theoretically every universe has its own frequency, that is what keeps us separate, all you would need to do is change the frequency of a certain location to match the harmonics of the other side to where both locations overlap and exist as a singularity.

something similar happened on the USS Eldridge, with the toroidal coils on the hull that were energized at a certain frequency, well it changed the frequency of the ship and its occupants to that of another frequency on the space time continuum.

theoretically that is how you sustain a wormhole, by matching the frequency of the tear or rift, and like tapping a bell at the right time, it makes the harmonics of the wormhole increase and makes it stronger.


temporal causality, temporal paradox,string theory, bubble theory, and Quantum Physics.

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