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Fringe Easter Eggs: Hidden Glyphs in White Tulip

      Email Post       4/17/2010 12:00:00 PM      

Fringe Photos:

A hidden seahorse can be found in Alistair Peck's bathroom cabinet. This is very similar to the seahorse glyph shown before commercials.

It turns out that hidden glyphs were also spotted on the door of the liquor store in Of Human Action, and in the graffiti of Momentum Deferred. Could this be a recurring Easter egg theme that has been in every episode? If anyone wants to look, screenshots from every Fringe episode are available on

Fringe Photos:


Unknown said...

Interesting that all three are of the seahorse.

Anonymous said...

Yay I spotted something and pointed it out!!

Anonymous said...

I sa wit in the eposod ewher ethe guy gives people canxwr it sabove on eof the peraon sbook shelf when they wak in to see hi sbody

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