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Fringe Flashback: Eric Stoltz In Back To The Future

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In the Fringe episode "Peter", we see a flashback with two observers coming out of a movie theater showing Back To The Future. However, in the alternate universe, Marty McFly is played by Eric Stotz and not Michael J. Fox.

In one of the most amazing nerdy trivia Easter eggs so far in Fringe, it turns out that the role was originally cast with Stoltz, but after filming began he was replaced by Fox.

Here is a clip explaining the Back To The Future lead change:

* Thanks to Todd F for this amazing tip!


Mandy said...

If I remember correctly, Eric Stolz filmed a lot of the movie before they re-casted with Michael J. Fox. I think you can find some filmed scenes on YouTube, too.

I loved that scene last night! So classic.

fanshawe said...

There was an interview with Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson at AICN recently and yeah, Stoltz did do a lot of filming before they replaced him. Pictures.

Jenn Hoff said...

Wow, that was a great episode! The opening sequence was hilarious and spot-on. The little boy looked so much like Josh Jackson it was amazing. Also does anyone else think that Nina might be Peter's mother and his lab assistant might be Olivia's and Belle's? Just some nagging suspicions...

RdR said...

Superb episode! What I was wondering why the letters LTZ are more dark than the others. It almost looks like they did a very bad digital enhencement on this one. Maybe it's ment to be like this. Maybe a link to the next episode?

The blond lab assistant and William Bell great thinking, I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Haha that was a hilarious easter egg :D

Troy said...

I'm fairly sure it's just the difference in light reflection and not different lettering. :)

My question is if Season 5 goes ballistic and there are very tidy 'Observer' numbers (pun intended), could that revive FRINGE to a sixth season? It not that unusual... look at Seinfeld, that was due for shelving half way through but it got audience and kept going (that's from memory and I can think of similar shows).

Who knows... maybe a surge from another realm/universe...

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