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Fringe Episode 216: Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

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When a perfectly healthy woman is found dead from a disease she never had, the Fringe team investigates the origin of this inexplicably fatal condition before it claims more innocent victims. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles to keep Walter's secret from Peter, and her loyalty to Peter is tested as time goes.

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bookmatch said...

Does anyone know what song was playing in the first scene with Olivia and Eddie in the bowling alley?

bookmatch said...

Oops -- Olivia and Sam in the bowling alley.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it might have been The Velvet Underground's "Oh Sweet Nuthin", but I'm not for sure, came on here looking for the same thing.

Anonymous said...

That's probably it. The VU sound is listed as one of the songs for this episode, but it sounded more melodic on the show that by itself (at least in the 30 second clip).
Thanks for the info. Wish they would make it easier to track this information down -- I would buy more music if they did! --andybarss

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me, if the lady who died at the beginning, is Diane Kruger? I'm pretty sure she was, but you can't do that to a woman like her... It's such a waste...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's her (the first victim).

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