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Thank You Fringe Fans for Being As Phenomenal As the Show

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Mary Romero
TV enthusiast

Thank You Fringe Fans for Being As Phenomenal As the Show
Posted: 08/03/2012 1:26 pm

Fandoms are wonderful. They encourage you to talk about your favorite show and assure you that your obsession does not require medical attention. I have encountered many TV fandoms over the years, but one in particular has really astounded me and that is the Fringe community. I was aware the sci-fi drama, which premiered in 2008, had a devoted fanbase but I never knew how active it truly was until I saw it first hand in January of this year when my friend, Louise, began writing her hilarious and popular photo recaps. The fans flooded her comments section with positive feedback and eagerly shared the link to her posts with others, such as the show's star, Joshua Jackson, who then shared the link on his Twitter feed. It was impressive to see that community rally so much support and presence online, and fortunately; the Fox network recognized their efforts and granted the show thirteen episodes to end the series this Fall, despite low ratings.

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Zepp said...

I think that these enthusiastic words about the Fringe and his legion of fans, make Mary Romero also a true fan, like all of us. Thanks Mary!

SissySiri said...

Thank you for that article, yes, Fringe fans are awesome. I am shocked, but not too much really, at how shows with canned laughter, silly dialogue, and weak plots are renewed and renewed each year, while a show as brilliant as Fringe struggled for ratings. The good news is that it has received recognition via the Saturn Awards year after year and many other well-deserved awards.

It’s good we have these last 13-episodes to wrap things up, but on the other hand it is a shame that such a well acted, well written, unique show is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

It's sad and a shame that it's the final season. After 24h, The Sopranos etc. there is no more good and creative series on tv.

SissySiri said...

Lately TV proves it is aptly called the “boob tube.” As we all know, the definitions of boob are many however in this context; get it wrong, mess up, mistake, bungle, gaffe. That just about sums up most current shows on TV at this time. I am sorry to have to say that but let’s be honest; shows at the quality level of Fringe are just not there. Less than a handful, come to mind, some are Falling Skies, Firefly, The Finder [was] good and this new one Revolution, time will tell. I miss 24 it was awesome.

To give some credit to the people who produce the pabulum, they are doing it in response to John Q. Citizen who watches their mindless drivel. They are in it for the MONEY, not to win any drama and/or literary awards.

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