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New Fringe Promo - 501 "Transilience Though Unifer Model - II"

      Email Post       8/28/2012 09:01:00 PM      

Here's a brand new Fringe promo for Season 5 Premiere.


Mallory said...

poor walter :( I'm already going to cry!!!

Christoph said...

i used to like observers.....i miss september...i hope we get to see what happened to him

Dave Thompson said...

I found an Observer in Batman (1989)

Old Darth said...

Heheh. Nice one Dave!

Old Darth said...

BTW the title is Transilience Thought Unifier Model II

Zepp said...

Observers, really, are not for jokes. From one moment to the other, they went from quiet entities for dangerous oppressors. Do not wait to start Fringe!

Anonymous said...

Olivia in amber at :16?

SissySiri said...

Torturing Walter is horrible, those rotten Observers.

I love that countdown clock. Thank you for that.
Woohoo, 24 days to go!

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