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Fringe Merchandise Monday

      Email Post       8/13/2012 01:01:00 PM      

It may seem strange that a new Fringe feature has a picture of a LOST Apollo bar based design, but there is a Fringe link, other than JJ Abrams, and I will explain further in a moment.

First welcome to Fringe Television's Merchandise Monday, the idea is this will be an opportunity to highlight your fan made creations and if they are for sale let everyone else out there know where to get hold of them.

Some examples of what we are after - if you have a Fringe based t-shirt for sale or even just up for voting on a daily t-shirt site, if you sell a replica item of clothing from the show, if you make your own Fringe based Jewellery, if you have created posters or have anything else wierd and wonderful that is Fringe related then let us know.

We can't promise to feature everything but we will try and feature at least one item per week until the final episode has aired.

That is assuming you lovely people out there have something to share, this will only work if you send us some information :-) We need as much detail as possible about your item, if it relates to a specific episode then let us know which one (saves us some research work).

Send information about your items to - editor (at) fringetelevision . com

So now to the reason for the Apollo Bar and Grill design above, a couple of big LOST fans, Jared (@AgentBacardi) and Jo Garfein (@Jopinionated, have set up a charity event and auction called "Cancer Gets LOST" in aid of the National Brain Tumor Society.

The event involves a live webcast (August 25th) and an online auction of lots of LOST and other items, now this is where the Fringe link comes in as a couple of the items in the auction are Fringe items and they are signed by Jasika Nicole.

So finally the reason for the t-shirt, this is merchandise monday and this is my own design, it will be on sale at starting on Friday 17th of August for 48 hours. All of my commission from TeeBusters for the sale will go to support the Cancer Gets Lost charity event.

Please spread the details about Cancer Gets LOST, and please send in details of any items you want featuring on Merchandise monday in the coming weeks.



SissySiri said...

This is such a great idea and so commendable. I wish you lots of luck and success with this endeavor.

Mallory said...

I hope everyone knows that season 4 is coming out september 4th, walmart already has it on their website for pre-order if you search it! ;) I noticed you didn't have it on this website which is why I'm mentioning something.

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