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Fringe Promo - 501 "Transilience Though Unifer Model - II"

      Email Post       8/17/2012 10:50:00 PM      

Here's a brand new promo for season 5. It contain Spoilers for episode 501.


Fringe Lover said...

Holy fre-holy!!! I'm going to start crying in the very first episode??!!

Mallory said...

^right! Maybe that's when they lost Etta! :(

Anonymous said...

Cant wait can't wait can't wait!!!! I hope Etta transports her family away!!

Zepp said...

WOW! Fringe is coming to give us the answers awaited by us, I think. I honestly could not imagine that the Observers would be the villains of the story, in the end. I'm sure we will have 13 episodes spectacular, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

With everything I read, it looks very much like that Wyman wants to make Walter, Peter and Etta the new family, Etta replacing Olivia,

And Olivia the bad mum, and the Outsider.

We know that Etta will have her issues with Olivia, so the sympathy will be once agian with the Bishop Boys.
And this despite Walter being the one that has made Olivia the way she is.

At the very end , on a building left there is a giant poster, that says Report,
with Olivia flanked with two men, (not walter and peter)

So are we going to get Olivia sacrificing herself for the greater good, and therefor having the issues with Etta?

Is Olivia the leader of the resistence?

BTW> I do hope that Olivia at least will still be her strong self, and that she will get her abilities back,

It would be the most degrading thing ever, if all the Cortexiphan treatment that damaged Olivia was only for Olivia to get Etta,

Anonymous said...

her cortexiphan is gone, walter says she is normal in the last ep of season 4

Mallory said...

@Anonymous she had to have some traces of cortexiphan left because Etta has special abilities too.

tkaz99 said...

I am really curious how this season is going to stack up to the last. It is my favorite show,hands down!!

bellaherna said...

Oh interesting! I did not see that poster. I WONDER if Bell turns Olivia bad and that is why she is not with them in Letters in they have to recover Olivia & make her good again? Such FUN STUFF! I just hope they don't skip a lot of "current time" with Peter & Olivia since they just really got together! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Old Darth said...

Etta was conceived before Olivia used up the cortexiphan to heal herself.

Anonymous said...

Olivia was activated by Bell, and how he did that was already degrading for Olivia, and when she was activatd she got all the extra abilities, so an extra dosis for Etta.

And I do hope that Olivia will have her abilities, but as the fighter, leader against the bad guys.
And that she will control them, not the other way around.

The poster could be from the period 2015-2016, Olivia wanted, as the biggest enemy of the bad guys.

I want Olivia to be like she was until Firefly, active fighter against the bad guys, after that she was more the victim, ot like Anna said lost and reflective.

It would give very bad signals if a great female character, a strong independent woman, turns out to be only good enough to be activated by Bell and Walter to create an Etta, for Peter.

I just do not like the fact that Etta is a poor copy mini-me of Olivia, and that the actress copies Anna's Olivia of S1 and pilot.

So we have Anna Torv who had to wait almost 2 seasons for US media recognition, and in comes someone new, copies her work and is the star?

Just imagine doing that with Josh Jackson and John Noble,
I very much doubt they would be pleased with a copy Peter or copy Walter.
And in the final season on top.

But I am very certain that Anna Torv will give yet another dimension to Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Alright you guys, I’m completely addicted to Fringe and read all of the same interviews and spoilers you’ve all read ... and no where in any of that did I get any sort of hint of Etta replacing Olivia in any way (not on the show, storyline or family dynamic). To the contrary, I’ve read that they find and get Olivia out of the amber in the first episode. Give the writers and showrunner a break ... they just jumped the storyline ahead 24 years, and considering 4 of the main players have been stuck in amber this whole time, there will probably be some drama and catching up to do between Etta, Olivia and Peter (and Walter!). But I highly doubt that Wyman or the writers would alienate the Olivia character or the fans’ love of her in the final 13 episodes. Not to mention, it would be utter storyline suicide to have Olivia be brainwashed or anything along those lines this close to the end. The goal is wrapping up storylines at this point, not creating more silly ones! So calm your britches, Cortexifans!

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful, the Anna torv troll has found her way here to fringetelevision, the only reasonable UNBIASED fringe site.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous-August 20, 2012 9:05 PM

And here's the obnoxious J.Jackson fan girl who trolls every Fringe related forum.God,i hope both of you could just disappear. :(

Mallory said...

Heres an idea! We can just all get along since we are all fans of the show and cast! :D

Zepp said...

How will that be health John Noble? We need the entire Walter and healthy with their dreams, and genial as ever in these final episodes of Fringe, is not it?

Anonymous said...

-But I highly doubt that Wyman or the writers would alienate the Olivia character or the fans’ love of her in the final 13 episodes

Oh but they sure alienated the Peter character by making him stupid for not seeing the differences between the Olivias and making him gone for 4 episodes straight.

Anonymous said...

i love this show so much,i can hardly wait

Old Darth said...

'Oh but they sure alienated the Peter character by making him stupid for not seeing the differences between the Olivias and making him gone for 4 episodes straight.'

Its intriguing how Peter is the one that keeps getting nailed on this point when NO ONE else noticed the differences either.

And for those that pay attention Peter told Olivia he did notice the differences but he thought she was changing because of him.

Don't recall any other such conversations between Olivia and Walter or Astrid.

rgos said...

That was the most fantastic promo yet! 13 episodes, meaning every episode is going to be jam packed. My guess is that 501 will try to catch up as much of the Observer take over as possible, so that the rest of the season can focus on the reunification of the Fringe team, finding Olivia and Bell and finally, getting rid of the Observers. I can not wait!!!! This has been a very very long break!!

SissySiri said...

I have not seen any of those postings or spoilers about Olivia turning bad, so maybe what I will write will be way off base, but I just cannot believe that the writers would turn Olivia bad, and then have her turn back in such a short season, it would not be believable.

I think Olivia will do all she can to work with the team to save the planet. It is a natural instinct of mothers (well 99.9%) to do all they could to make sure their children have a better life, not work against their child. IMO that will be a huge factor in the outcome of this story. I mean Olivia has been the rock for four seasons, and now at the end she is going to crumble. I don’t think so. And if she does, it is a ruse in order to infiltrate the enemy camp.

Someone above mentioned something along these lines and I agree with them. Plus all this nonsense about answering questions about stuff that happened in the past, I heard J. Wyman say in an interview that is so “rear-view mirror,” why can’t fans accept what he said? I don’t care about getting answers to every little mystery and if he doesn’t that is good enough for me.

I cannot believe that infighting continues about personalities. For instance, I liked Lincoln Lee, I really like Peter, I like Olivia, Walter, Broyles, and Astrid – I loved everything about the AltUniverse. Who cares what I liked, and I don’t care if you hate half or all of what I like, it’s called having a point of view. This is all coming to an end soon and I want to have positive thoughts about the, wonderful, well-acted, well-written, exciting phenomenon called Fringe.

To all true fans who love this show, warts and all, let’s get through the next 13-episodes, be thankful we have been given this wonderful gift of a proper ending and just enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Well, to me, like every other season, they will make Peter do something really stupid and make the audience hate him. They pulled this crap for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure people will even blame Peter (like they always do, I mean they blamed him for the Lincoln/Olivia mess) for letting Etta get kidnapped. I mean, one site, after just 30 second promo, called Peter an idiot (Olivia was there, too but Olivia is the paragon of perfection so she doesn't get bashed) and said how Peter needed to be slapped.

I am sick of this fanbase and their need to bash peter all the time.

Anonymous said...

can it be Fringe time already???

SissySiri said...

reginabiglips - I agree with your last posting.

Anonymous said...

33 days to go. :)

Dave Thompson said...

I found an Observer in the first Batman movie

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