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The Fringe Podcast Comic Book Special

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we welcome Clint back to the studio and bring you a Beyond the Fringe comic book extravaganza. We discuss Issue #4b: "Imagine If...Our Fringe Team Were Criminals!," Issue #5a: "Ghost Writer Part 1," Issue #5b: "Imagine If...Walter Outlived the Earth," Issue #6a: "Ghost Writer Part 2," and Issue #6b: "Imagine If...Walter Was In Violet Sedan Chair."

We break down the story of each comic book and discuss our favorite parts of each story. We also discuss how the "Ghost Writer" story may tie in to the season 5 premiere episode. And, of course, since Clint is back at the microphone, you can be sure that plenty of singing is included in this podcast!

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