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Merchandise Monday - First People Calendar

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"When you've been up all night, time is just a matter of semantics" - Sam Weiss S3E06

I'm fairly sure we have no 100% confirmed connection between Sam Weiss and the First People but a link seems highly likely, also the quote seemed to fit this mysterious method of telling the date.

Of course the fact that Seamus Wiles, who is a known author of a copy of "The First People", is an anagram of Samuel Weiss is probably just a coincidence !

The first people are introduced in the episode 6955Khz and The calendar appears right at the front of the book called "The First People". We have since discovered the book has been published in several languages and is firmly tied into the machine that Peter and Olivia used to fuse the Red and Blue univereses together.

In fact the numbers broadcast on the 6955Khz frequency, that were used to find parts of the machine, match the numbers around the calendar.

This t-shirt is actually something I myself created and uploaded to CafePress, I first recreated the calendar because I wanted to add it to the FringePedia article on The First People, but realised it would be pretty effective on a t-shirt as well.

When I originally created it there were only a couple of screenshots available to use as a guide and I had to make a few assumptions, but now I've seen more views of the calendar I have found those original assumptions were correct.

On Cafepress there is also a version of this t-shirt with the Sam Weiss quote which was the only version available until recently.

I also have a version up for voting on the limited edition daily t-shirt site Qwertee. If you don't want to buy a t-shirt at the moment then any help in getting more votes for this t-shirt would be appreciated.

We are looking for more submissions for Merchandise Monday so if you have something you want to share then let us know.

Send information about your items to - editor (at) fringetelevision . com


Fringe Lover said...

This is really cool!

Zort70 said...

Thanks :-)

Matthew M said...

Cool idea. I don't buy that Walter or Walter & Peter or Walter, Peter & Olivia are the 'First People'. Makes know real sense. I think the writers got scared about coming up with a real solution as to who or what the First People were so they dumped it with the throw away story. Same thing happened on X Files with the 'alien invasion/Samantha Mulders abduction as well as a couple other series.
We won't even bring up 'Lost'.
In the end, nobody is happy.

Dennis said...

You should read the "Beyond The Fringe" comics - specifically #1A, #2A, and #3A. These are the ones written by Joshua Jackson, and they give more back story on the "First People".

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