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Exclusive:Anna Torv on the Possible Universe of 'Fringe' Season 4

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Exclusive: Anna Torv on the Possible Universe of 'Fringe' Season 4
Today 9:01 AM PDT , by Joseph McCabe

It's oddly fitting as the star of one of the most mysterious shows on television, Anna Torv doesn't know too much about what producers have in store for her on the upcoming fourth season of Fringe. But when I caught up with Torv (who's one of the sweetest, most consistenly gracious actors I've ever interviewed) at last night's Saturn Awards ceremony (where she won Best Actress for the second year in a row) I did my best to get any info I could, and to find out where she'd like to see things go this season. Read on to learn about at least one possible universe for Agent Olivia Dunham.

How can you even begin to bring back Peter when your character has no recollection of him?I don't know! That's a question for the other guys who have way more information at this point in time. I'm interested in what is going to happen, and who the characters will become. If you take a person out of existence, and all those tiny things that happened because that person was around... I think it will be interesting to see who these people are. I'm quite excited about it, actually. I want to see how much of Olivia's turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter, or things that have happened with him around -- are those things gone? Is there room, perhaps, for her to unbutton her coat a little bit?

Do you think they might introduce another universe into the mix?
Oh, I would love that! I don't know if that is what the producers are thinking, but I would be an advocate for that. I love the whole idea of that. But I do think we could have heaps [of universes], and just keep going and going. We could switch it out every season, or when we get bored - just add a new color.

Do you have an idea of what your ideal universe would be to bring Olivia into?
Maybe a desert where Olivia rides horses. We could go back to Australia to shoot! [Laughs.]

Have you received any hints that the Observers may take a more active role this season? No, but I love the Observers. I don't know if I necessarily need them to take more of an active role. What I love about them is that they are just these mysterious, fantastically drawn characters. We don't understand them yet, and as much as I would love to know what they are there for, I love watching them. The fact that they are so... spread out makes it very tantalizing.

Where would you like to see Olivia go this season?
I am interested to see what parts of her personality are connected to the things that have happened over the last few years, specifically with Peter. If he isn't there, is there room for a different take on her? Not an alternate version of Olivia, just a different take. Is she softer or is she harder? I am hopeful that she won't be as tormented. I think she needs a break.

She's definitely earned one. [Laughs.] Thank you very much.
My pleasure!


Matthew M said...

I still think there will be1 more universe, Yellow, and we will discover they are responsible and that's where the Observers are from.
i for one was disappointed in the whole "FIRST PEOPLE" story line. They chose the easy way out. Lame.
I'm probably wrong and I don't trust these guys any more. We will see.

roneo said...

Reading some actor's opinions I feel that perhaps they perceive the show different from us the audience. I mean that I agree with Anna in that will be interesting to see how that without-Peter Olivia will be (the same as Walter...). But when she says "how much of Olivia's turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter" it sounds quite unfair. It is true that almost everything in her live is related, in some way or another, to the Fringe events, cortexiphan's experiments and Walter, and so indirectly, to Peter. But before the Altlivia's affaire (ok, that was Peter's "fault" more or less) she already was the tight Olivia Anna wants to give a break. If something, Peter had been supporting her and trying to lessen the burden she wears, during the previous two years.

Danny said...

I do not understand why Anna Olivia suffering associated with Peter, he has been responsible for their suffering is during the first two seasons Peter was his unconditional friend, almost like her brother, who always supported and understood and when in Jacksonville were about to kiss, he realized his departure, I associate that she did not feel the same for him and tried to make the situation easier, and when he realized that this was because she had discovered that he Over There was not rebuked him. He can only reproach is that he did not realize that she was replaced by Fauxlivia, but do not forget that she was replaced by another person, but for a different version of it, and it came at a time when the relationship was beginning , so when Olivia hid LSD and put another projection Peter recognized it, because time as a couple had shared and already knew more.
That's why I do not like Anna's comments, suggesting more of a chance that Peter is to blame for the suffering of Olivia, we know she wants that match your character with Linconl. Well, if the creators want to indulge in that and if it disappeared Peter and thus to prevent decay Liv fans, she

Anonymous said...

Guys, she's saying "how much" of her turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter. It's just as possible for Peter to be zero percent liable as he is a hundred percent. Why focus on the higher end?

trent said...

"That's why I do not like Anna's comments, suggesting more of a chance that Peter is to blame for the suffering of Olivia, we know she wants that match your character with Linconl. Well, if the creators want to indulge in that and if it disappeared Peter and thus to prevent decay Liv fans..."

She really should tone down her hatred for Peter a notch, it's like she can't stop from wishing him out of the show everytime she opens her mouth. She's entitled to her opinions and even to not like certain aspects of the show, but so much dissing of Peter is annoying. We get it, she wants her character to make out with Lincoln. Shouldn't she go pester the producers with that request, instead of calling the P/O relationship "shit" in another interview? Josh Jackson is not an advocate of the relationship either, but he never insulted it by calling it "shit show".

I hope she calms down a little.

Anonymous said...

Some people really should think things through before they comment. I think Torv is thinking along the lines of; if Peter never existed then it stands to reason that Walter never became obsessed with crossing over, and therefore, probably wouldn't have experimented on children in Jacksonville in the 80's. That would save her from some trauma, but maybe she still had to deal with an abusive stepfather. Regardless, Olivia would be different because her experiences growing up would be different.

trent said...

The Cortexiphan experiments on Olivia began in 1982.

Walter stole Peter from his real family in 1985.

In conclusion, Olivia's sufferings were totally Peter's fault.

Unknown said...

I always thought Peter was a more positive force for Olivia. I am betting (hoping) Walter and Olivia will be worse off without him.

Unknown said...

And this Lincoln Lee stuff... I hope it doesn't go that route. But I LOVE Peter, so I'm biased.

Fringie6989 said...

Nobody is saying that Peter is responsible for every bad thing that Olivia has gone through. Not even Anna said that. The way I understood it is that Peter has greatly influenced how Olivia has been shaped even before she was aware of it and it will be interesting to see just how much of an influence. Yes Walter and Bell started the cortexiphan trials before Peter was kidnapped, but according to Nina, Bell abandoned those trials. If the age gap between Jacksonville and Subject 13 is any indication, it would seem that Walter picked up those trials again to send Peter back home (presumably without Bell.) Either way, her stepfather was still the one who shaped her the earliest, not Peter. So even if Peter hadn't come into the story, Olivia would have been negatively affected by her stepfather. I think it is a brave and exciting way to pursue the idea of even one choice being changed and how that changes everything. How one life (Peter's) can affect so many tiny and big things in so many different people's lives. I'm excited to see how they pull it off.

Fringie6989 said...

And like Aimee said, I also think Peter has been more positive for Olivia than negative. He has taught her to trust and be vulnerable to the people she loves. I also agree (and hope) that they will see how Peter has made Olivia and Walter better people because I honestly believe he has, just as much as Walter and Olivia have made Peter a better person. Beyond all the P/O romance, is an even deeper connection between Peter and Olivia. They will be back together, because they do belong together. If something happens with Lincoln (which I'm hoping it won't) it won't be on a long-term basis.

roneo said...

I totally agree with the opinions above, that Peter has got a GREAT deal in Olivia's life since childhood. And that it has been more for good. And that we will discover that in next season, that without Peter neither Olivia, Walter, or the world are better.
I hope that's what Anna is meaning. It's not the fist time she says something similar. But I'm not english, and perhaps I'm just not getting it right.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't she forgotten the agent she was in love with in the pilot? She was entirely less uptight in those opening scenes, and her turmoil and angst initially seemed due to his apparent betrayal. Granted, the more the writers have built up the alternative universe story line, the more her sufferings have been keyed into that, but at the beginning things were different. I don't think Anna Torv should expect Olivia to change too much - the writers seem to like it when she is distraught.


Unknown said...

Really, Olivia was SO happy when she finally accepted herself and forgave Peter, who wanted HER so badly, that he was blinded. Olivia was capable of happiness. People may have not liked the fact she "needed a man" for happiness. But having a loving romantic partner should make one happy. I know my sweetheart lifts me up, and I do the same for him.

Also, Peter needed her just as much. Olivia was smiling, joking, holding his hand, kissing in public... I was happy to see her happy for once, but sneaky old William Bell messed that up.. -_-

I still think we haven't seen the last of Bell. I blame him for everything, lol! I want to know why Walter "crossed the line," even though dying Peter was his previous motivation.

Anonymous said...

Again, Anna should see the series stars, it is true that they record the scenes and not know how to edit and assemble the story, but it is also true that every week the players will arrive on DVD with chapter a week. Jessica was so weeks ago.
So I do not understand the repeated association that makes Anna and insinuating that Peter is responsible for their suffering.
Peter is not responsible for the experiments were Walter and Bell with it, remember, began to experiment with it and the other children when she was three. Do not forget that Olivia and Peter are the same age, as the actors who play them. When they started the experiments, and siguendo the story with Peter there, it had not been ill and Blue Peter was alive and our Peter lived in Over There.
When his father died was his mother who married her stepfather, Peter red nor had anything to do with this situation is therefore not responsible for the abuse and mistreatment suffered by her and her mother, I have always wondered why Rachel did not suffer because she should already exist because supposedly she is the daughter of Olivia's father, have the same name.
When Olivia was associated with John Scott, Peter did not have anything to do with the relationship or the betrayal of it.
So, Olivia will continue to be that character that we have been seen for three seasons, because the situations that shaped his personality are not the responsibility square of Peter, even hints that this makes sense the actress. Moreover, those who have followed the series for three seasons we have seen that Peter was an unconditional friend, almost a brother to Olivia, always aproy√°ndola, caring for her, as if to compensate for the pain his father caused him and others. Only in the third season, and a few chapters, Peter was somehow responsible for the suffering of Olivia, but because he did not realize she was replaced by an alternate version of herself, again, alternate version of herself, not by another person, and that happened at a time when the relationship was beginning, and although they were known, a new relationship changes things, so when Olivia put LSD a projection of herself to hide Peter was not fooled, and their relationship had blossomed and were already known better. And most importantly, Peter decided to sacrifice, to the point of absence if that could protect Olivia, she lived, Anna wants more of Peter, gave all for his Olivia.
I am convinced that without Peter Olivia will not be better and happier, it will be an even darker figure than we had seen in three seasons and that, thanks to his relationship with Peter, Olivia closed season as a character for sure of itself, stronger, warmer, happier, characteristics that should disappear as Peter.
I personally love the character of Olivia, the actress seems fabulous, but with these statements antiPeter lately I have not liked a lot and record, are not statements antiJosh not believe the theory held by many that the actors do not get along in the events that have been together or apart have been cordial and correct each other or to refer to another.
Maybe in the past events not have taken pictures together on the instructions of the creators, producers, go to a story that Peter does not exist, have wanted the actors appear together.

Unknown said...

Part of preparing for Season 4 should be the actors watching the entire series from start to the end of S3, maybe? ;)

Anonymous said...

Olivia born in 1978 , trials were in 1981 , Walter stole Red Peter in 1985 .

We don't know for sure what will remain what will change . but maybe what did happen before 1985 will remain the same , we don't even know when Walter and Bell discover the red side , we already have a future which was 15 years a head and future Walter said that the technology of the white light is a head about 15 years from their time line which will suggest that there is another time line future one which ahead about 30 years from our time line , so all of that can let the one confused and not sure what will happen next and if red Peter will be at any other time line .

In 6B , red Peter said to Olivia that she is struggling to let people in that she had trusts issues , Olivia said to him : the reasons are real I don't make them up .. and red Peter said : I know .. and I don't want to be one of the reasons , Olivia didn't reply only gave him a strange look .

So by that conversation Olivia was considering red Peter not one of the reasons but several , so i can understand what Anna was saying by Olivia was suffering from Peter , also since s1 ..red Peter was as a negative energy arguing with Walter and every time he is proven wrong .. that's because red Peter .. is from the other side and not suppose to live in the blue side and maybe not suppose to fall in love with Olivia in the first place .... but the destiny has another word for that .

So,why all that hate ? .. Fringe is very nice show .. Anna is very lovely actress ...the story line will blowing our mind even more ..


Anna Rick said...

Thanks a lot for the review on the 4 season! I really love the series and I hope for the action in further parts;) Cheers!

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