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Happy Thanksgiving!

      Email Post       11/26/2009 01:50:00 PM      

There's no Fringe tonight due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but Fringe will be back next week with the all new episode "Snakehead".

If you can't wait that long, head over to the Fringe Spoilers section to see some promotional photos from the episode.

What are our Fringe characters thankful for?

  • Agent Olivia Dunham – “I am thankful that scotch exists.”
  • Peter Bishop – “I am thankful that Walter stopped counting out loud while he urinates.”
  • Dr. Walter Bishop – “I am thankful that I still have wonderful LSD flashbacks.”


Anonymous said...

Turkey Day in the USA. Can you imagine dinner at the Bishop house, now that Walter has a kitchen and his old lab back.

- Turkey legs - for everyone!, with his new "Turkey-KingCrab" hybrid.
- Self-baking sweet potatoes, just from thinking about them really hard.
- Purple blotter gravy you'll remember for the rest of your life. (sort of)
- Don't even ask about the unusually red cranberry sauce.
- Oyster stuffing? Hint: Those are not really oysters.
- A dozen perfect desserts, containing who knows what.

I posit food coma... not to fear Astrid - Walter has a 15 gigajoule home defibrilator kit to revive you, and any dead relatives you want to bring back with you.

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