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Fringe Ratings: What Me Worry?

      Email Post       11/17/2009 12:42:00 PM      

Fringe getting canceled? That's just crazy talk...
There has been a lot of FUD spread around lately concerning Fringe's ratings. Situated in one of the most competitive time slots this fall, ratings have been predictably low. However, Fringe has two things going for it that may allay some fears.

First, in the same time slot, Fringe has improved ratings over what was in the same spot last year. Secondly, with all the cost cutting measures employed by WB in moving the show to Canada and cast and crew redundancy, it is in a much better place to survive lower numbers.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with JJ Abrams, who says the show is not in any immediate danger, and that FOX remains committed to the show.
“The mood on set and in the writer’s room is as good as the ratings are bad, which is to say, wonderful,” Abrams tells me. “Luckily, Fox has been insanely supportive, for which we are deeply grateful.”

Abrams is encouraged by the show’s “strong” DVR numbers as well as the glowing reviews from critics. “But given that we’re on one of the hardest [nights] on television, we’re just focusing on making the best show we possibly can,” he says. “What else can we do?”
Like most things in life, nothing is safe forever, so the LA Times has a list of five things that could help Fringe - more answers, more character development (e.g. Astrid, Bell, Nina), more bad guys, less loose ends, and maybe the most important of all - move the show to a different day.

Fox is a little ham-stringed by not having a 10:00pm primetime slot, so the options for moving the show are limited. Of course it could move back to "reality" Tuesdays, but then there's the American Idol problem in January.

What do you think? Are you worried about Fringe? What would do to improve the ratings?


Anonymous said...

How about dropping American Idol? I mean, that would be the solution to so many of society's ills, it's hard to imagine the ratings of Fringe wouldn't be one of them. ;-)

Capcom said...


Yes, I didn't like the looks of the Thursday night move and was worried, but I hope that it fares well overall there.

Did anyone hear the actor who plays Broyles interviewed on the Dennis Miller radio show last week? He's a very congenial guy, it was a good interview and he talked about his character some.

Chris Tilton said...

Well, Tuesday is now out as LOST will be on Tuesdays at 9pm.

Unknown said...

Please, leave Fringe where it is in the schedule! It's fine as is! I love this show and look forward to watching it every Thursday night, with my family. I don't think we can handle another move.

Lux Lea said...

@scribejay, I'm with you about AI.

Yes, I am worried about the ratings. If I knew how to support Fringe better I would. My theory is put it up against reality shows to provide an alternative for those of us who abhor them. Maybe enough of us would tune into Fringe to help.

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