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Fringe Press Kit: August

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Yesterday I received the FOX press kit for the Fringe episode August. It was a medium sized box with a poster of the Observer (it's one of the August promotional photos) on the front.

Inside the box was a bottle of Tabasco pepper sauce, a page of Observer writing, three historical photos, and the DVD for the episode August.

On the back of the Tabasco sauce was a custom Fringe label with the saying "Observers Are Here", which can also been seen in the opening title sequence.

The letter contains the same strange writing seen in the Observer's notebook from The Arrival.

I'm not sure if these are just random characters, or there is actually a decipherable code, but I do see some repeating characters, so it may not actually be the most complicated code Astrid has ever seen.

I'm sure there are some supreme code crackers out there (e.g. Julian Sanchez), so if anyone figures it out, let me know.

Fringe Photos: The most interesting part of the kit is the "historical" photos. You may recognize the first one from the August preview. I won't explain what is going on in the photos, but it should be fairly obvious if you look closely. Because these photos are a little spoilery, I have put the scans over in the Fringe Spoilers section.

You can see photos of other Fringe press kits here.


Joey said...

Anonymous said...

Ive been going over the Qbserver Speak page and found one 8 letter word that repeats 3 times, and 1 other time where a smaller section, this 5 letters repeats, assuming that its read R to L like how they write.

Mandy said...

With the "Observer Code", is it possible that FOX provided some of the letters in the first paragraph? Are they implying that the first paragraph is a translation to "The next all-new episode..." text?

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