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Fringe: Secrets and Recaps, Episode 8

      Email Post       11/22/2009 02:43:00 AM      

FringeTelevision would like to welcome Fringe Secrets and Recaps to the Fringe Podcast Network

In this episode, Josh recaps August, and highlights all you need to know from the episode.

For more Fringe podcasts, head over to the  Fringe Podcast Network.


Ziggy said...

You pointed out how at the end the Observers said that things are going to get harder for Olivia, but maybe they were talking about Olivia's neice.

Unknown said...

thats the rollar coaster at the pne in vancouver.. Its an awesome 50 year old coaster.. Fringe and V are filming around town so its always cool to spot the places I go to in these shows

alina~*InAwe said...

That was an extremely useful review of the episode, thanks so much for posting it! :)

Unknown said...

What are the flashes in the review for? Are you planting you're own code?

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