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10 Things You Need To Know About Fringe

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If you're new to the world of Fringe, this video will tell you what you need to know:
  1. The pattern is a series of disturbing unexplained events happening around the world which is being investigated by the fringe division of the FBI.
  2. The main fringe division consists of Phillip Broyles, Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Dr. Walter Bishop and Astrid Farnsworth.
  3. Walter spent seventeen years in a mental institution.
  4. Walter's former lab partner, William Bell, founded Massive Dynamic: a multi-billion dollar global corporation and the military's largest contractor. Nina Sharp is the chief operating officer of massive dynamic.
  5. The Observer is a mysterious figure who has been seen at events connected to the pattern throughout history.
  6. The Observer saved Walter and Peter's life years ago when they were in a car accident.
  7. Walter and William Bell have in the past opened a hole into an alternate universe, which may have inadvertently started the pattern.
  8. Peter died when he was seven. He doesn't know this and Walter holds a secret as to whom Peter really is.
  9. As a child, Olivia was tested on by Walter & Bell with a drug called Cortexiphan. Since then she has had special abilities that allow her to see into the other side.
  10. Olivia was pulled into the alternate universe by William Bell, who is apparently stuck there. He warned that a war is coming between the two realities.
 For a more in-depth answers, check out our Season1 recap.

Anything you think is missing from the list?


    Bad_Robot said...

    I just want to say that whoever put this video together did a great job. If I were never a Fringe fan and saw this vid I would probly become a big fan.

    Thank God I already am.


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