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Fringe Episode 208: August

      Email Post       11/19/2009 07:55:00 PM      

When a peculiar abduction occurs in Boston, the Fringe team uncovers details of the mysterious man known as The Observer. While the bizarre case takes center stage, Walter, Peter and Astrid hit the lab to analyze unusual evidence and deal with Walter's insatiable appetite for a milkshake.

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Anonymous said...

My 7 year old son just pointed out that bald men don't have a fringe!!!

Unconscious pun by the writers or VERY metaphorical and screaming to be picked up? Or are we behind on the news?

Don't worry, we've let our kids see only some observer and non-barf Walter scenes (Mr Papaya etc); they love the idea of the show and its viewer puzzles. Even like this, TV by proxy, it beats most kids' shows.

Would be a great (young) kids AND adults show except for those icky moments (not complaining) - nearly no bad language etc once you remove the gross bits. A curious mix actually.

anj said...

I love watching this show with my daughter. She is 12 going on 25 and this is our special hour. No arguments, no random emotional outbursts, no text messaging, just us. Talking isfor commercials only and then only discussion of the scientific theories involved. Amazing to see her interest and conceptions of what I thought beyond her reach for her age. Finally something we can both enjoy without innuendo, animation, or over emotional teenage angst.

vincentdolbydigital said...

where is the observer in this episode?

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