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      Email Post       11/16/2009 01:33:00 PM      

Variety is reporting that Fox has launched a major campaign this week to promote the Observer-centric Fringe episode "August":
"Observer Week," as the campaign is dubbed internally, includes placing multiple actors playing "observers" in the crowd at live Fox telecasts -- Sunday's NFL game, as well as an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance."

Fox did something similar last year on programs such as "American Idol" and NASCAR.

Fox will also send out street teams dressed as the observer (dark suits, bald heads, carrying briefcases) to various spots in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Boston and Chicago. The characters will pass out Tabasco sauce (a nod to the fact that "Fringe's" observers like spicy food).

Fast-pausing DVR users may also notice subliminal shots of "Fringe's" observers popping up in primetime via hidden images in the net's night opens, as well as via seven-frame graphics flashed throughout the evening.

"The hope is we get a few more viewers watching the show live," Earley said. "Or at least watching it within three days of air. The show is too good, and we want to continue to support it."

The Easter-egg approach of the campaign also plays well with the fans of mythology-based shows like "Fringe," he said.

If you live in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Boston and Chicago, Be sure to keep your eye out (and your camera ready.) Please send us an email if you live in any of these areas and would like to see the Observer in person, or to report any Observer sightings you may find.

So you can also join The Observer Trackers facebook group to see any official updates.


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