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TV Guide: 5 Things We Love About Jasika Nicole

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Fringe's Jaskia Nicole (aka Astrid Farnsworth) is the topic of "5 Things We Love". SpoilerTV has a scan from this week's TV Guide, which is slightly spoilery (nothing specific), but it sounds like good news for Astrid fans!


Dennis said...

That's not fair.

In Season 1, she was essentially Walter's babysitter, but she did translate the Latin in "The Ghost Network" and decode the encrypted "ZFT" message in the parasite seen in "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones".

Here's hoping to see more Astrid (and maybe Alt-strid!) in Season 2.

Anonymous said...

TV Guide uses tweeners to write their op-eds.

What are the 5 things WE (fans) like about Astrid? or whatever Walter is calling her this week.

1) She asks the WTF questions that we are all thinking.

2) She's street. Okay, well... not street - she's campus. She knows where to score all of the monster cereal, and other tasty treats in the student quad, to keep Doctor B. on-mission, and focused.

3) She's being groomed. Think of all the trials and tribulations getting Olivia and the Bishops on-board. You don't think that Broyles simply tossed ol' Farnsy into the fight without having a masterplan in-place for her. (Jessup too). Astrid may have been part of the previous (disbanded) science team.

4) She spans the gap. Walter missed out on almost two decades of simple advancement. No need for old time techno when Astrid can say "well why don't you just use this?"

5) Errand runner, bovine groomer, pigeon wrangler, linguistition --- all on a $68,000 a year, GS-12, federal law enforcement salary... your tax dollars at work. Go Astrid.

Lux Lea said...

She really is rather a normal center to the show. More than anyone else anyway.

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