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Fringe Theory: Alternate Realities, Parallel Universes, and Mutliverses

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The use of alternate realities in Fringe could potentially open up a Pandora's box of infinite universes. This could lead to the "Heroes" problem where, among other things, no one really dies because you can always go back in time and rescue them (or in Fringe - another multiverse.)

"Lost" potentially had similar problem with its healing island and time travel, but they were prescient enough to create two paradox busting rules: when you die on Lost you are dead, and you can't change what happens in the past because the time-line will self correct.

Fortunately, similar "rules" have been established for Fringe to keep the show easier to follow and solve some of the side effects of inter-dimensional travel.

#1 - "In string theory, there are infinite alternate universes, but we've treated it as two, trying not to bite off more than we can chew."

Fringe executive producer and "showrunner" Jeff Pinkner has stated this in many interviews - There are only TWO alternate realities in Fringe: Shape-shifting soldiers, and alive Peter come from the Alternate Reality, and as far as we know Olivia, Walter, dead Peter, etc come form Our Reality. William Bell is from our reality, but is living (hiding out?) in the alternate reality.

#2 - "There is a one-to-one time correlation, and also geography. If you are in NY in the alternate reality, you are in NY here."

We have seen this several times - in Broyles' office, the burning Boston, the two charred bodies. It only became confusing when Olivia teleported to the Twin Towers, which was initially though to be her crossing over and changing location at the same time. It turns out the elevator must have been just a teleportation device, because Olivia was already in the alternate universe.

#3 - "Have we been secretively 'over there' when there weren't clues? No. When Olivia crosses over, she will be aware and the audience will be aware. We're not trying to trick anybody."

Pinker explained this in a recent TV Guide quote. However, last season may have been a little bit of a trick - even though we knew eventually that Olivia crossed over, it was only recently revealed that it happened during the car crash, and not in the elevator.

BTW, If you need a refresher course on Multiverse theory, here's a funny explanation from Stewie of Family Guy:


D Writer said...

Hey, how do we know that William Bell is FROM the alternate reality. I'd always assumed he was from our reality and "moved" to the other one. To say he is from the other reality would mean that he crossed over years ago to participate in the experiments with Walter.

Dennis said...

You're right, I wasn't trying to imply that he was FROM there, just that he IS there. Although we don't really know where everyone is from... I changed the working to reflect that.

Anonymous said...

I thought at one point, when they were reading the ZFT manual, that it said that the other world or reality was ahead of ours in time, only slightly though. or did i just imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Slightly Ahead could have meant time-wise... but it might also mean more technologically ahead. Or socially advanced.

ZFT seems to be a decades old document. Maybe at the time ZFT was written, the other side was 'slightly ahead'. Who knows now? Our science may have caught-up and made the parallels universes equal. Maybe ours is ahead... and that is why Olivia sees all of the chaos in her visions of the other side.

Varo said...

My opinion is a little different.

I think that there are INFINITE REALITIES, but TWO UNIVERSES. I'll explain myself:

- Infinite realities: those are the alternate realities we are always talking about. The "Other Peter", the Twin Towers,...

- Two Universes: Those whose habitants are about to fight. They are slightly ahead of us, the world of the shape-shifting soldiers,...

What do you think?

mmfiore said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the issue of realities in this series should be looked at throught the use of art.
take for example m.c. escher in his work called "print gallery" or rene magritte's "the son of man"
. Look familiar? Yeah, the observer. Escher's work illustrates the paradox of being in two places at once. Also walter and bell's mirror can be demonstrated in "magic mirror".

Anonymous said...

The Fringe in your universe is kinda cool, but a little different from the one I'm familiar with in the universe I'm from. The Fringe in my universe has James Van der Beek playing Peter and Naomi Watts playing Olivia. :P

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