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Fringe: A Covert Kiss with Nina and Broyles

      Email Post       10/08/2009 11:17:00 AM      

Lance Reddick (Philip Broyles) and Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) discuss "the kiss" seen in A New Day In The Old Town.

BTW, anyone "shipping" for Broyles and Nina... what is their "shipper" name? Brina? Noyles?


Melissa said...


This pairing is just so...interesting. I knew something was up with them, but I never suspected this through any of season 1.

Anonymous said...

Ph-ina, Phil-na,
Ni-llip, Nin-ip,
Ph-arp, Phi-rp
N-oyles (per Melissa),
B-arp, Bro-rp,
Sh-oyles, S-oyles, Sha-yles, Shar-les,
Br-ina, Bro-na, Broy-a, Broy-na,
Sh-illip, Shar-lip

And there was nothing COVERT about that kiss - middle of the day, on the steps of a govt bldg... that's like the definition of OVERT.

fringeobsessed said...

Writers in the FRINGE fandom at started pairing them up 5 months ago. So I was not surprised at all by that kiss.
They are known there as "Shoyles." :)

tallone said...

I dunno know...I think she's going to use him.

Anonymous said...

Those are all good names, DocH, but Aquafina is obviously the best Phillip/Nina portmanteau out there. Or Nil, if you're feeling boring.

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