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New Promo For Fringe 206 "Earthling"

      Email Post       10/29/2009 02:04:00 AM      

Here is the new promo for Fringe episode 206: "Earthling", which returns November 5th (if the World Series doesn't go to a game 7)

Screenshots for this Fringe commercial can been seen at


tallone said...

yeah it's back today!

AndreaUrbanFox © said...

Time the good ppl at Fox read my blogs and dissociate themselves from Reznor - amongst many others

j said...

so is there a fringe tonight on the 5.11.2009 or not there is no shedule on fxhd for it !
if i lokk right its no fringe and shallow hal - a movie

UK TV Abroad said...

I personally cant wait for this episode but cant find it on the schedule

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