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New Promo For Fringe 206 "Earthling"

      Email Post       10/29/2009 02:04:00 AM      

Here is the new promo for Fringe episode 206: "Earthling", which returns November 5th (if the World Series doesn't go to a game 7)

Screenshots for this Fringe commercial can been seen at


tallone said...

yeah it's back today!

AndreaUrbanFox said...

Time the good ppl at Fox read my blogs and dissociate themselves from Reznor - amongst many others

jm said...

so is there a fringe tonight on the 5.11.2009 or not there is no shedule on fxhd for it !
if i lokk right its no fringe and shallow hal - a movie

UK TV Abroad said...

I personally cant wait for this episode but cant find it on the schedule

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