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Fringe Episode 205: Dream Logic

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The Fringe team travels cross-country to Seattle after learning of a mysterious incident involving a man who attacked his boss because he believed he was an evil ram-horned creature. As these puzzling occurrences continue, the team tirelessly explores strange and creepy links to dreams. In pursuit of additional information, Agent Broyles has a disconcerting meeting with enigmatic Massive Dynamic executive Nina Sharp that leads the investigation in an unthinkable direction.

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ShannanG. said...

Dose anyone know who the indian sleep dr is? I have seen him on anther movie/tv show before, but can't seem to place him.

Anonymous said...

Ravi Kapoor from Crossing Jordan

Matt said...

This episode shared similarities to an X-files episode called "Folie a Deux" (s5e19)about a guy who thinks his boss is an insect.

wikipedia synopsis of episode

Adam Hawkes said...

I've pictured my boss as an insect, but only in his usefulness.

amcorrea said...

I don't recall any meeting between Broyles and Nina Sharp in this episode.... Did I miss something?

Sean T. said...

My wife is looking to learn more about the jacket that Anna wore in this episode.

Various Google searches are turning up nothing. Anyone have an idea what brand it is?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remeber last season how there was a clue to the next episode in each epsiode? Are they still doing this this year?

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