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FringeBusters 202: Night Of Desirable Objects

      Email Post       10/01/2009 11:14:00 AM      

For each episode of Fringe, Popular Mechanics asks experts to analyzes the science of Fringe, and separate the science fact from the science fiction.

For "Night Of Desirable Objects," PM consults Dr. Richard Myers of Stanford University's Department of Genetics and the president and director of the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology to find out if real-life mutants are possible:
We won't ever have to worry about Fringe's part-mole-rat, part-scorpion, part-human mutant in real life because it's not within the realm of possibility. "But I don't think it was completely off-base to consider what would happen if we manipulated a human embryo extensively, but took care to make it viable"

You can read the full article a Popular Mechanics: Fringe's Human Mutant Not Possible, Says Expert

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