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Fringe Radio Spots - Find The Pattern

      Email Post       6/29/2008 11:49:00 PM      

The following radio ads will begin airing today, kicking off FOX's media barrage to promote Fringe:

According to The Hollywood Reporter:
The campaign will feature cryptic messages that encourage fans to search on the Internet for more information. Fans of Abrams' hit ABC drama "Lost" and last year's theatrical release "Cloverfield" are familiar with the tactic, so much so that Abrams' name is incorporated into the radio ads as a clue.
"Our radio goal was definitely to not say 'Fringe,' " said Laurel Bernard, senior vp marketing at Fox. "We didn't want them to sound in any way like a traditional radio spot. We wanted them to be disruptive and a little mysterious sounding."
The Fox network is hoping listeners will piece together these mysterious fragments and realize there is indeed a pattern -- one that leads straight to the network's tentpole fall series "Fringe."
A possible website for the embedded "Find The Pattern" message may be It is currently not active yet, but that may change later today.


tallone said...

Interesting.. you can listen to all three spots on TV week...yeah here we go....the fun begins!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh....what? "Our radio goal was definitely to not say 'Fringe,'" Ok, let's advertise something and not say what it's for. Good idea! Why didn't I think of that!! It's genius! No not really!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fox... Piece this together


Anonymous said...

and the previous two commentors are actually mentally challenged. How can you say that it is not an effective marketing campaign? Lost is one of the most popular shows out there right now, and cloverfield blew the box office away with the same exact type of ad. Not saying the name or what its for creates mystery, people go hunting for what it could mean, find Fringe, and in response, cant wait to watch the show. It actually is genious, idiot.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous,
It got you on this page didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Re-establish Pluto's planethood.

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