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Fringe Ads: Imagine The Impossibilities

      Email Post       6/30/2008 12:30:00 AM      

Mysterious flash ads for Fringe have begun appearing online. According to The Hollywood Reporter:
[The ads are] placed on Web sites outside of the usual entertainment hubs to catch viewers attention in unique locations. Users on such sites as and recipe site will see mysterious ads encouraging them to "Imagine the Impossibilities."

"They will be very quick sort of messages, leading people to nondescript Web sites that will ultimately lead them back to 'Fringe,' " [Laurel] Bernard (senior vp marketing at Fox) said.
The ads don't specifically mention Fringe, but they do take you the website.

One very interesting tidbit about the ads...

The film strips that drop down have printing on the bottom; some sort of date, and the words "Drs Bell & Bishop" - most likely referring to Dr. Walter Bishop, the institutionalized father of Peter Bishop, and Dr. William Bell, the founder of Massive Dynamics.


tallone said...

Found a few videos about Fibonacci series. From what I see the we will be looking for relationships...the golden mean or so called golden ratio is the key... it occurs in nature and is called PHI (the frog)...math is not my thing...pattern can be man made.. spiral staircases, art, music and so on
ok here's the videos that explain it better..

organimal said...

Are the cool floating images messing with your links? The forum link is not working.

Edward said...

organimal: You are correct. It was a problem in Firefox. The cool floaty ad has been moved to the footer (bottom of page) for now. Thanks for noting the issue.

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