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Is There a Fringe ARG? Maybe. Is it Holomove? Nope.

      Email Post       6/11/2008 11:29:00 AM      

Dennis, who has been following the Holomove ARG closely in Unfiction, informs me that Holomove is not only not related to Fringe, it's not even related to FOX, and is instead a Microsoft production:

In collaboration with Visual Studio, Microsoft has created the ultimate challenge that tells the story of Nathan Bozeman who gets the chance to change the world, but at an extraordinary price. Since the immersive game began in May 2008, it has captivated players around the world. Find out what’s happened so far and join the adventure—there’s still time to get involved.
You may recall we speculated that the Future on Fox blog's hint could be nothing more than a wild goose chase. Well, that's exactly what it was. Why would the people at FOX send potential "future" fans down the wrong rabbit hole? Good question.


Dennis said...

I get the feeling that the people at Future On Fox don't have any inside information.

I guess this explains the reason for their mia culpa.

tallone said...

this was discussed on unfiction the last few days...I have always believed there was a connection as is known from the beginning....did anyone read the stuff stuart previously on this blog regarding the equations?

tallone said...

nate left the country

ProgGrrl said...

WOW, I am so frigging confused. Why would Fox do that? What was all the "yes there is NY Magazine Look Harder" crap then?


tallone said...

I'm not sure it's an MS production...however it is definitely good software..that is my suggestion...track the events on both holomov and holomov/nathan bozeman there is plenty of stuff happening...unfiction is a good place to go for the above...the question is fringe connected to holmov

tallone said...

oh it says production...oh's odd though that these things are all happening at the same time.

tallone said...

@edward I see no point in posting holomov clues here any looks like there is no connection. Also other then the three posters I haven't seen anything developing an ARG plot for fringe

tallone said...

I read the comments last night on Future on Fox....discouraged.

tallone said...

well got another e-mail from stuart...told him he got good responses to his video on you tube...I asked again about his connection to fringe...this is the response

Learning is something like a journey;but an internal voyage. Don't go any where with it! Someday it may take you some where.

have no idea what this means...

Capcom said...

Thanks for the efforts and sharing anyway, guys. :-)

Staurt AKA MasterQuark said...

Correction to Tallone
What I said was:

Learning is something like a journey; but an internal voyage. Don't go any where WITHOUT it! Someday it may take you some where.

Take it easy on the ganja will ya! Them you might understand your adopted Guru!

Stuart aka Master Quark

Anonymous said...

Hey guys when does Fringe start and if it already started what episode is it on?

Anonymous said...

The Pilot premieres Sept 9. After that, look for it on Tuesdays after House (9/8c)

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