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Fringe - J.J. Abrams Talks Fringe

      Email Post       6/12/2008 11:09:00 AM      

By the by, FOX Broadcasting has its own YouTube account where you'll occasionally find little gems like this one of JJ Abrams talking about Fringe.

Go behind the scenes of Fringe with J.J. Abrams! Catch the series premiere of Fringe, TUE (9/9) at 8/7c, only on FOX!

Here is the transcript:
Fringe is my favorite kind of show, because it takes people that you really like, that you really care about, that you want to be with, and work with, and it puts them into the scariest situation that you've ever seen in your life. And it allows there to be this kind of safety and comedy in the face of "udder" terror. I believe that's sort of the greatest combination of things.

The key to casting anyone, is that when you see them, they own it. It's not a question of even casting. It's a question of hopefully and luckily finding the person who just claims the role, and when you feel like you are giving someone a part, it's not the right move. When you feel like you've found the person who own it, who claim it, that's the right thing.

When we saw Anna’s audition, and obviously the first audition I saw of her was for something else, it was something through her agent, I just thought "OMG" we found Olivia. She brings a very unique energy, a wonderful thoughtfulness, an intelligence, and I think a very unique and distinct beautiful look.

The role of Walter is a tricky one, because you need him to be real, relatable and also, at times, out of his mind. And he's a very untrustworthy mentor in a way, and so you have to go with him, and at the same time you're not quite sure whether or not he even knows where he is or what he's doing.

And finally, with Peter - with Josh Jackson - I think he is not only a wonderful actor, but he's so funny, he's got such a great wit, and an incredible innate skill to be acerbic without ever, I hope, going to a place of feeling phony or glib.

There are some scenes in this pilot, that are straight out of my/our nightmares. Things that are very relatable situations. There's a sequence on an airplane, starts off, and it could be any of us on any flight, and where it goes, is particularly terrifying. But it's that kind of thing that always grabs me, because it's not just the what, it's the why.


tallone said...

yup it was good...very good..he said that fringe is about absolute terror....the casting for actors is excellent...he said they own the fits them just right...said the show combines comedy and horror...
oh yes he said it is like a nightmare ordinary things, like plane rides turn into absolute horror.

Anonymous said...

bla bla bla blabla

Anonymous said...

Interesting new creation, as J.J. Abrams can do, but it will take a long time before we see that...
...if it's broadcasted here in France, i suppose it will be not before 2009-10...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll like it, and I'm equally sure it will get canceled before it gets off the ground. I'm going to skip it to avoid the disappointment... :-)

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