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Fringe DC Comic Book Prequel Schedule For August 27 Release

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USA Today's David Colton is reporting that DC Comics will put out a comic book prequel for Fringe on August 27, two weeks prior to the pilot's September 9 premiere.

Abrams' TV 'Fringe' gets comic book prequel

The hip media empire of J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Cloverfield, the next Star Trek film) expands into comic books this fall when DC Comics offers a prequel to his upcoming TV series on Fox, Fringe. Writers and artists are being decided, but DC says the comic version will hit the stands on Aug. 27, two weeks before the two-hour premiere airs on Sept. 9.

Speculation about the show is building at online fan sites amid word that the opener involves paranormal investigators looking into the mysterious landing of a jetliner with dead passengers. Sounds like a certain island, but the producers say the show will feature self-contained stories, à la Twilight Zone or X-Files, rather than one fantastic saga. Abrams is joined as executive producers on the project by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who also are working on the Star Trek reboot film expected in 2009. —David Colton
But will fans have to wait until August 27 for their first glimpse, or is the mere mention of comic enough to remind longtime Abrams fans of Comic-Con, which is scheduled this year for July 24 through 27.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there alreay an indie comic called THE Fringe which deals with a government experiment gone awry?

Anonymous said...

There's this:

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