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Fringe Sneak Peeks: "The Human Kind"

      Email Post       12/07/2012 01:40:00 PM      

Here are three sneak peeks for tonight's Fringe episode "The Human Kind".

Since the thumbnail pictures are slightly spoilery, I have placed the videos after the jump.

Here is the obligatory Ari Margolis (@jonxproductions) spoiler warning:
Going to step on my #Fringe soapbox one more time... As the final few episodes are filmed, stay away from any [spoilers]!!! I know it's tempting but I think you'll enjoy the experience more if you go into it un-spoiled! Just my two cents. And as always... #WatchItLive #Fringe


Unknown said...

Oh my God. It looks awesome. Can´t wait:D

Anonymous said...

This loks like another stressful (and possibly tearful) episode.. :( Can't wait!

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