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Fringe Episode 509: "Black Blotter"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
In attempt to recall a plan to defeat the Observers, Walter takes an LSD trip down memory lane. Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia trace a mysterious signal to the woods, where they come upon a grisly scene.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Black Blotter"?


Matthew M said...

Best episode of the season so far. Series may go out with a bang and not a wimper - I hope!
Gave it 5 Stars.

Zepp said...
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milostanfield said...

Walter spent the entire episode tripping on acid. Similar to 3.04 "Do Androids Dream…", only this time we were inside his head with him.

The scenes from his point of view were wonderful (the Monty Python tribute) to riveting (the scenes with Carla Warren). I thought that "Tinkerbell" looked a lot like an MD secretary. Nice to see Gene in stopmotion action.

The lab, half shrouded in amber, became the inside of his mind.

The book, pulled out of the floor after removing a chunk of tile, was the brain pieces, and his link to the man he was for most of his life.

Carla (the hallucinated one) was his conscience, reproaching him for the man he was, and at the same time enticing him to become that man. I felt a real sexual current in their scenes: "Warmer. You're burning up. And I know how that feels." That last sentence: sex and death in the same quip, which, weirdly, reminds me of the last scene in 3.04 where they cross cut between Newton dying and Fauxlivia seducing Peter.

What I think all those scenes mean is that Walter will NOT have the pieces of his brain removed. His situation is different from Peter's. Peter had something foreign implanted that was taking him over, so the decision to remove it was the right one. With Walter it was not a foreign object, it was the rest of HIM. For Walter it is too late to remove the pieces, he has already opened the book. Walter will have to face Walter, and learn to accept him. Hello Carl Jung.

milostanfield said...

At first I was turned off by the shootout with the Loyalists. I thought it was superfluous, and I wasn't really up for seeing people getting shot because of recent events. But when I remember that Walter was tripping during the whole affair, I felt it had more of a place in the episode.

The scene where the child's surrogate parents were saying goodbye to him was much more poignant because of recent events, and I'm sure I'm not alone there. Thoughts go out to parents everywhere.

milostanfield said...

I keep looping the scenes with Walter and Carla over and over. The subtlety of his facial expressions added to the intensity of Carla is amazing. This one's an easy place in my top ten list. There just has to be an Emmy somewhere with John Noble's name on it.

Unknown said...

Great analogy, great pick ups. I think it was an interesting episode I am still
Unsure about it. I think a rewatch is in order. I think it was interesting the different changes in the storyline which obviously reflected Walters tripping. I too like the child observer and the family looking after him. Also I always enjoy Liv interacting with kids and the way he remembered her.

Unknown said...

Zepp as per always you were right about Donald!!

Unknown said...

Agreed powerful acting by John Noble

Zepp said...

Clap-clap-clap-clap, she clapped her hands, the beautiful green fairy-blazing, frantically beating its tiny wings like a hummingbird around a flower, super happy, proud of Walter, who remembered the password: "black umbrella "(!).Well, if I was expecting something more or less consistent with the whole story, I found decidedly, or saw something else, another world, which was inside another world that was more in this world, in this episode 509, Fringe. I tried to set this beautiful episode in what I was watching up here, but I could not let myself go and, where the fairy wanted me to go with my imagination, what was kind of a waking dream and all that, within a futuristic environment of Fringe, in the future! I could not even imagine such a gift, to have this plastic beauty of fairies, castles to far with cartoons that reminded me of those presented in short film festivals in Oberhausen, and, moreover, find a family on an island that they were waiting to give him a child Observer, for with it all achieve the final victory against the Baldies! At least that's how I understood this maelstrom of madness this episode 509. An episode like this, gives that "something more" that touch of genius, high creativity, excellence that has always accompanied Fringe, these, beautiful, five seasons. I look with highlights, timing of production and post-production, this great episode, my congratulations to all the technical support teams, whose quality of work was phenomenal!

And in these very strange worlds of Fringe, we have a character that only appeared visually at a glance, but is often cited, that's this Donald. If something happened, or will happen, the Donald is always cited in some way. This is the kind of character that I have not seen him much, never heard personally do not know if it is good or evil, in short he is a character, which oddly enough, they tell us that he existed, but never saw him. I think Donald is a kind of urban legend Fringe, for it exists, we have to imagine that it ever existed, or still exists, or ... Hey Donald, Where Are You?!

On the other hand, I see that Fringe, these are his last moments navigating waters beyond, well beyond the usual unreality. Everything is really unreal, where the force of fantasy, was so, so decisive, it turned into something real within the Fringe. I say this because when scenes like this episode had the sensations of Walter perspective, everything seemed like a movie with multiple scenes, as they mingled flashbacks set, like TV screens, each telling its relations with all that was happening at that moment. And, to cap it had that moment that Walter was watching the scene a meeting, a former television and turned and ran into the same scene, but live! I watch all this creative wonder, was stunned with excitement, pride inner being honored for the excellence of what I've been watching, and living at the same time of presentation of this masterpiece of cinema series, which is called the Fringe!

Zepp said...

@Cazza Rule

Yes, I think Donald is a type of "question mark", placed in the script by the writers, to serve as a "reference nonexistent." To me, he (Donald), too, can be a kind of "scapegoat", seen by the other side. If the "goat" everyone wants to get him out quickly the room or scene, that Donald, everyone wants eagerly to "appear" in the room or at the scene! But, I think that he will only, at best, be mentioned.

Zepp said...


I really enjoyed your thoughts and opinions related to "crazy" views of Walter. Those dialogues with Carla, or better, with the mirage Carla, was for us a kind of narrative drive, in my view, we took "the beginning of everything." It was Walter, confiding, was explaining, taking positions, based on their past. The guilt of Walter, torments him until today, and the fear of losing Peter persists somehow.

The glorious moment of this episode, with that brief cartoon, was a flash of emotions, no doubt. It reminded me, for a moment, some cartoons, short duration, Poles, appearing at festivals in Oberhausen. It was fantastic for me in this episode, conception of the junction of different types of scenes, from a unreality drawn, animated, went to an unreality mixed with little fairy and rainbow in candle, joining, all this, as a multicolored cocktail with the rudeness of fights fire with the Baldies. These top three atmospheres scene, were very well composed and edited. It was simply brilliant!

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