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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 5 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.
Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

2.17 White Tulip 
ALISTAIR PECK: "Those people aren't dead, Miss. Not permanently."
OLIVIA: "Of course they're dead."
ALISTAIR PECK: "But they soon won't be. Although, others soon will be, I'm afraid."
... Or I have to believe that no one (with a few exceptions) is really dead on Fringe. I'll explain in a bit.

Glyphs spelled: SENSE
As in the sense of loss again for Olivia. Nina was the closest thing to a mother. As in the sense of loss for Walter. He's known Nina for a long time and there goes his chance of having his brain removed. As in hopefully Walter making sense of the plan to defeat the Observers.

Michael is being inspected by Peter to see if he has the tech.

PETER: "He definitely doesn't have the tech... there's no scar tissue."
Walter offers a Grape Vine but Michael doesn't react.
OLIVIA: "Michael, you used to write things down for me. You helped us catch a bad man. Do you remember that?"
1.15 Inner Child
But Michael doesn't respond to that either.
Walter is getting frustrated. He wants to put Michael in a coma but of course Olivia objects.
WALTER: "Then, we put an electromagnetic probe into the base of his skull, and ply him full of Serotonin, Neurontin, and LSD."
I wasn't so much thinking about 1.01 Pilot where he did that with Olivia. 
It was more his demeanor that reminded me of Walternate in 3.05 Amber 31244 and the term "Neurontin".
SECRETARY BISHOP: "Increase the doses. 5,000 milligrams of Neurontin, 2,000 Elavil."
Walter's demeanor is definitely a bit harsher right now. 

Michael stays quiet.
WALTER: "We got a world to save! Acid, get back to cutting out those tapes. We're not gonna get any answers out of him."
Wonder what other names Walter will come up with for Astrid in the last few episodes. 

It seems Olivia doesn't understand either why she can't communicate with him.
OLIVIA: "Peter, it doesn't make any sense. I mean, he's an empath. We used to have a connection. He used to feel what I wanted and then he'd communicate it to me. Now, it just seems like he can't."
To quote from 4.10 Forced Perspective
PETER: "Things really are different here."
I guess so.

Olivia calls Nina for help. But it's not safe at the office so she leaves.
And no sooner we see her finish that sentence, Windmark walks in.
Is it wrong if I say that I can't wait until he meets his demise? 

The secretary is a loyalist, so she most likely told him the truth on her own but it did look like as if Windmark was reading her. She tells him that Nina received a phone call not too long ago. He sends one of his minions to get a LQ7 unit. All I could find on LQ7 is that it is an engine. 
Windmark also knows that the team has been in the abandoned storage building using a devise provided by MD. Not good. 
The Observers are starting to set up the device. I'll get to that in a second. 
Maybe this is too far fetched but when I looked at the screen shots I saw this. 
As I said it might be far fetched but my first thought was this. 
Bell's design stamp on the nanites from 4.21 Brave New World Part 1.
I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up in the finale. 

Back to the device.
We've seen this before albeit a bit less technically advanced. 1.19 The Road Not Taken

Olivia is meeting with Nina. On the wall is a "white tulip".
We've seen this before in 5.07 Five-Twenty-Ten. Looks like the same location. 

OLIVIA: "Nina, thank you so much for doing this. I know the risk you're taking."
You have no idea Olivia how big of a risk. 

NINA: "Nonsense. I'm nothing if I can't be a resource for you."
Both of their statements kind of have a double meaning as we'll later find out. 

WALTER: "What are we doing here? I'm cold."
Yes, Walter. I'm sure you are not the only one. 
He reminded me of how he was in 2.07 Of Human Action
WALTER: "I'm bored. No cadavers at this crime scene. Or food."
Nina has tech that can help with communicating with Michael. It's in a lab not far from where they are. It's a black lab.

OLIVIA: "I thought Massive Dynamic Black Labs didn't exist."
NINA: "Well, I'm glad I can still surprise you."
I'm not sure if Olivia's expression is merely surprise.  I don't think she's amused. 
NINA: "How's Walter doing?"
PETER: "Which one?"
One of my favorite lines. 

Peter shares with Nina that he doesn't approve the notion of Walter's brain being removed again. Nina explains that if the plan is not completed in time Walter may regress anyway and then it doesn't matter.

In the meantime Walter is hungry. Waffle sticks anyone?
PETER: "So what you're saying is I lose him either way?"
NINA: "What I'm saying is that your father understands that anything worth fighting for comes with a cost."
I was thinking back to when Walter shared the story about Peter with Olivia in 2.15 Peter
WALTER: "I always knew that one day I'd have to pay the price for my deception."
OLIVIA: "Well, we're not really sure what the cost is yet, are we?"
Olivia waits with Michael for Peter and Nina to catch up when she sees a poster of Etta.
Olivia is still grieving. 
Peter comes and notices the poster as well. But his gaze goes back to Olivia.
Olivia reciprocates. I don't mean to be callous and this is my interpretation of this. The look on Olivia's face shows longing for Peter (in the most intimate sense), does it not? 

In the meantime Windmark is waiting for Nina at her office but she's not returning.

The team arrives at Nina's black lab. She asks Olivia to stay back with Michael who doesn't really want to be there anyway. Nina has allowed the Resistance to use the lab. They've been experimenting on Observers to learn how it is possible for them to read human minds.
Some colors today. Yellow again. 
Peter needs to cover the Observers first so as to not frighten Michael, although he is frightened already, I think.
Unfortunatly the experiments did not provide a lot of information.

NINA: "We were only able to extract bits and pieces of data. Images, words in their conscious minds, but not enough to be useful. However, if you were able to communicate with the Observer child using neural stimulation once before, this technology might be able to help you do it again."
This anyone, lol. 1.15 Inner Child
Peter goes and gets Olivia and the boy. 
PETER: "You alright?"
 No she's not even if she says so. 
PETER: "You're thinking about her?"
OLIVIA: "Yeah, every time I see one of those posters, my heart - jumps."
PETER: "Yeah, mine too."
OLIVIA: "It's hard to see her face, but at the same time, I want to."
This is another scene that takes on a double meaning.

NINA: "Like ours, Observer brains translate external stimuli - - language, sights, sounds - - into patterns of electrical activity, which we commonly call thoughts. This is an Electro-Cognitive translator. An ECog for short. It interprets patterns of electrical activity into words and images that we can understand..
Like I said earlier the future model of the neurostimulator. Walter had used one also to hear the thoughts of the boy in 1.15 Inner Child.
WALTER: "This will suffice. Prep the subject."
PETER: "His name's Michael."
Peter seems quite agitated with Walter. 

In the meantime Windmark arrives at the Massive Dynamic science lab trying to figure out where Nina is.

Back at the black lab Michael is being prepped.
OLIVIA: "Okay. Michael, if at any point, you want to stop, you just squeeze my hand. Okay?"
Just like in 1.15 Inner Child
OLIVIA: "Just remember that you don't have to do anything that you don't wanna do. If for a second you're scared, or you don't like what's happening, You just squeeze my hand like that. Okay?"
Olivia asks Michael if he remembers why he is so important to the plan but he is still not responding.
NINA: "Hmm. The ECog is attempting to translate his neural activity, but he's processing information in a way I've never seen before. This is not like any of the other Observers from our trials. The software can't interpret it."
The bond with Olivia doesn't exist anymore and because of that it seems he can't understand what they want.  Instead of trying to go into the boy's mind Nina suggests to let the boy get in their minds, creating a link with one of them. In order to do so they need another ECog and a neural adaptor. Hastings in the Archives can give them what they need.
Uh, I don't think so. Hastings is being questioned by Windmark.
Olivia, Peter and Walter arrive at the science lab as well. Olivia is trying to get a hold of Hastings but can't reach him. Astrid is helping by enabling them to shortcut the circuit. Walter is impatient and it seems to get on Olivia's and Peter's nerves. Once inside they are able to locate what they are looking for. As they are about to leave, Olivia spots Windmark.

OLIVIA: "Windmark's here. He's with Hastings."

CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "Where is Nina Sharp now? Where are the fugitives? Your loyalty will be rewarded."
DARRYL HASTINGS: "I don't know. I don't know."

Nina has to leave Michael for a minute to go outside and make a phone call.
As soon as she does though her signal is detected.
Rats, that's not good. 

Nina is calling Olivia. Unfortunately Olivia has bad news for Nina.
OLIVIA: "The Observers and Windmark are here. They're interrogating Hastings now. You can't come back to the Ministry, and you can't go home."
NINA: "It's okay. I have to go now."
Just as Olivia finished that conversation, Windmark and his minion get information from a guard and then they disappear. The guards are left with Hastings. Of course their plan for Hastings is not good. They want to make an example out of him. Fortunately for him that the Bishop's are still in the building.
They find out that Windmark knows where Nina is.

Nina went back to Michael.
NINA: "It's okay. everything's going to be fine. I'm just... it doesn't matter. There's nothing for you to worry about."
I'm not sure Michael understood but he definitely felt something was wrong. He approached Nina and "showed" her something.
When I saw this I thought he was going to heal her and Nina would get up and walk. 
But then I thought this might be what Michael showed her. And if you've seen the promo for the next episode then it might make more sense. This is my interpretation. I don't know anything. 
Michael: "Part of the plan is resetting time. You will have to die now but you will not be dead then."
Hence the opening picture from 2.17 White Tulip which I think holds clues for Season 4 for sure and might have implications for Season 5. You can read my thoughts on 2.17 White Tulip here

Michael notices on the screen that someone is approaching that lab. As Nina looks on the screen, Windmark arrives at the lab.
Nina has to hide Michael. Olivia, Peter and Walter are on their way but encounter a check point and have to ditch the car. They obtain another one and head to the lab.
I wonder if this is the clue for the next episode. 
Windmark arrives at the lab and steps into the elevator and disappears.
He zapps himself downstairs.
The rest of the gang arrives as well.
Still takes the Observers as long as the Loyalists to get down there. What use is that technololgy then? snicker. 
This caught my eye.
I swear I've seen this before. It kind of looks like this from Walter's journal in 5.09 Black Blotter
Nina and Windmark meet.
NINA: "Captain Windmark."
Nina is quite cocky and I loved it. 
Captain Windmark wants to know where the fugitives are but Nina tells him that they are long gone. He wonders why she is loyal to them. He also notices that Nina is trying to block her thoughts from him. Windmark goes and pulls a cover off one of the tubes and finds an Observer.
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "You... animals."
Really? Hm...!

He then proceeds to ask about the boy.
NINA: "Why does a child worry you so much?"
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: He is merely a curiosity, and you are mistaken about him. He is no child. He is a chromosomal mistake. a genetic anomaly. Designate: Progeny XB-6783746. Like all anomalies, he was scheduled to be destroyed. But he went missing. It was a great mystery in my time. No one knew what became of him... until now."
In your time? And when was that?

CAPTAIN WINDMARK: " I would very much like to meet him. Tell me where he is."
Nina is trying really hard but it seems he's getting too strong for her.
But then she gets saved by the Bell, so to speak. 

LOYALIST AIDE: "Captain Windmark? There's no sign of anyone else here."
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "Then I will have to resort to a deeper extraction. Why?"
NINA: "Why?'
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "Why are you not frightened?"
(Nina: "Because I know how it will end and you will die and we will defeat all of you.") That's just my personal opinion.
NINA: "Do you know why you tilt your head in that way? It's an involuntary reflex in your physiology. It changes the angle at which sound waves hit the eardrum, allowing in more stimuli. Like a lizard."
NINA: "I've studied them too. Intriguing characters. Their brains have evolved over 320 million years, yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds. Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming, of contemplating beauty, of knowing something greater than themselves... not unlike your kind. The experiments we conducted right here in this lab, yielded a surprising result, because for all your years of evolution, you inadvertently redeveloped and honed primitive instincts that we moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you're the animal."
Windmark isn't getting anywhere and asks his minions to restrain Nina. In the process she is able to take a gun from one of the Loyalists. She is pointing it at Windmark.
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: "You cannot hurt me with that."
NINA: "I know."
Nina pulls the trigger and shoots herself.
Windmark looks quite surprised.
I did not expect that and sat in shock for a while. I'm not sure where I said it but although I didn't see it coming so soon I always thought it would be either Nina, Broyles or Astrid who wouldn't make it. But then again as I said in the beginning, will she stay dead?

This was the first hard part now comes the second. 

The team arrives at the black lab.
As Olivia makes her way further in she sees Nina first. 
This is probably one incident where we didn't want to see Olivia's reflection.
 Walter is shocked as well to see his friend dead.
It's hitting Olivia as well. She covers Nina with a blanket.
Walter and Nina always had a special relationship.
Peter is comforting Walter.
I already had mentioned that Walter and Nina had a special relationship and maybe he's thinking about a few incidents as well. 
Peter is also comforting Olivia.
That was beautiful how Peter was there for both of them. 
Is this what you are thinking, Olivia?
Walter is concerned about the boy. Peter finds the screen and plays back what was recorded. While Olivia can't bear to watch, Walter and Peter do.
PETER: "She stopped Windmark from reading her."
Nina protected the team, the plan and the boy. She did so because she knows what's going to happen or she realized that this was the only way out, not to save herself but the mission. Again that is just my personal opinion. 

Olivia realizes that the boy is still here. Her and Peter search for Michael while Walter goes back to Nina to mourn. When Michael sees what happened to Nina he is touched. He is actually crying.
Did Nina have an emotional bond with him then? 
Back at the Walter and Michael are being prepared to communicate with each other.
WALTER: "If you understand me, touch your nose."
And Michael does so.
I was thinking back to 1.15 Inner Child. At the end of the episode Olivia comes home and Ella invites her to play "Simon says". 
ELLA: ""Simon Says" - put your hands in the air. Touch your nose. You lose."
Walter asks Michael if he remembers why Walter needed him for his plan. Instead of sharing this information through the ECog, Michael gets up and does the same thing with Walter that he did with Nina.
This is what Walter sees. I've tried to get as many as I could. 
THE OBSERVER: "The boy is important. He has to live."
Which boy is he talking about? Peter or Michael?
WALTER: "I know who Donald is. Donald is September."
What? Wait? Donald is September? Was he Donald first and then became September? Or is it the other way around? And when did this happen? And why? 

Still so many questions and we are running out of time. Can't wait to find out where this is going. 

Who could forget Walter and food and sometimes in the most unexpected moments.   
1.01 Pilot
WALTER: "They have this horrible pudding here. Butterscotch pudding on Mondays. It's dreadful."
WALTER: "Send Ginger ale. I need Ginger ale. Haven't had some long time. I miss it."
1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones WALTER: "Do you have any mints?"
1.11 Bound
WALTER: "Do you know what I could go for?"
ASTRID: "Don't say food."
WALTER: "Cheese steak."
1.14 Ability WALTER: "Oh dear God... that is putrid. On a separate topic, do you like coffee cake?"
2.14 Jacksonville
PETER: "Is she alright?"
WALTER: "No, but she's not supposed to be. In my bag, Peter."
PETER: "Yeah?"
WALTER: "The pretzels."
2.22 Over There Part 2
WALTER: "Double breaded for a big crunch. It's so good. Tastes just like on our side. It was Wednesday, 1983, when I happened to identify the last of the 11 secret herbs and spices."
3.06 6955 kHz
WALTER: "Avocado, cucumber, and cheese. In 1974, the C.I.A. asked me to develop the best sandwich for clarity of thought... but of course the chips are just because I like foods that crunch."
3.08 Entrada
WALTER: "Like Mata Hari using her feminine wiles to accomplish her evil ends. And I too fell prey. She used my stomach to get through to my heart."
3.09 Marionette
ASTRID: "Milk that doesn't go bad."
WALTER: "And cheese."
PETER: "That's a person."
WALTER: "No, not at all. I suspect it's some kind of hardwood, cherry, maybe mahogany, and concrete."
3.16 Os
WALTER: "It was Belly's intellect made the company great. All I've managed to do with its vast resources is to create a new flavor of cupcake frosting. Bacon-berry."
3.20 6:02 AM EST
WALTER: "I am going to pop another mushroom frittata into the oven. I got some Morels from the market with the biggest caps you've ever seen."
4.04 Subject 9
WALTER: "No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Let me show you how. You take the straw out of the glass, thusly. Then stab the ice cream... push the straw down to the root beer at the bottom, and then you suck up the ice cream and the soda simultaneously to deliver the perfect blend of sugary goodness, like so."
5.04 The Bullet That Saved The World
WALTER: "It's my old doughnut hole. Jelly. It's still spongy. It's still good."
And this week's special is a look back to when Olivia drank the worms in 2.04 Momentum Deferred.
And Lincoln drank the wheat grass, penicillin and some laxatives in 4.16 Nothing As It Seems.
And here is some of the food recreated. In no particular order.

3.09 Marionette plate. 
Milk that doesn't go bad and cheese. Ashes (well really just cocoa powder) and Red Vines just because...
3.06 6955 kHz
Avocado, cucumber and cheese sandwich.
3.16 Os, 1.06 The Cure
bacon flavored cupcake frosting (although we used sponge cake), cotton candy - blue, not pink.
Strawberry milkshakes and pizza for "real" food. By the way the frosting was yucky. Our explanation was that we didn't have access to Walter's lab. 
4.08 Back To Where You've never been. Peter's dream.  
Banana, chocolate chip pancakes. 
4.11 Making Angels and 4.14 The End Of All Things
scrambled eggs and bacon. Buttered toast with sprinkles. 
5.01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11, 
5.03 The Recordist and 5.04 The Bullet That Saved the World
egg sticks, apple and doughnut hole
Have you done any food experiments?


milostanfield said...

Awesome review again. Thanks for the catch on the tulip graffiti. I missed that one. Was your family's Thanksgiving dinner also a Fringe Food Event or did you stick with more traditional fare? ;)


This week's glyph-word is certainly multifaceted. I think SENSE also refers to the failure and then success of trying to communicate with Michael. Twice the team was frantically attempting to use tech to "interface" with Michael, and each time he instead simply touched someone, a form of emotional bonding, and communicated plenty.

Ironically those efforts reminded me of Windmark "reading" people, rifling through the files in our heads for data, like GOOG, APPL, and MSFT reading our online movements. He had his successes but he missed a lot too.

At least our team has the capability of emotional bonding, thus being able to sense Michael. Lizard King will never succeed with him or us. It's just not in his genes anymore, and it will lead to his downfall.


For a great barometer of how different this Walter is from the past, I like to take Walter's early scene with Michael in 5.10 and compare it with that wacky soul dance he did in "Inner Child". He was such a silly shaman, donning the neural stimulator like an animal mask. And it worked! He charmed the hell out of the boy, got the "mask" on him, and really surprised Olivia, Peter, and Astrid. "My neural stimulator! What can't it do!" For me that scene was when I fell in love with Walter the first time.


The phrase "Anomaly XB-6783746" has me wondering: did they really destroy 6,783,746 people in the future because they were born with "genetic defects"? Those are Holocaust numbers.

Zepp said...

Thanks cortexifan, by its qualities, photo-comparative, always present here. Reading and reflecting on their "observiews", are, first, spinning me around, these photos, that you have placed cortexifan here, what appears to be an authentic "cuisine Fringe" in the form of a varied "menu" with various flavors and culinary spices. It's numerous delicacies, maybe a little strange you a first glance, but appearances with really very tasty. The plate of food, which my "taste" was more excited, was the "3.16, 1.06 The Cure," which appears in the photo, adorned with great care and very apropos for a bouquet of white tulips in corner of a desk tidy. Naturally, I think, that all things are of Walter, with the able assistance of Astrid, no doubt! (great, the productions of these images!)

Who among us all, I could say that would be, or is it a fact? The Donald, it's September! So I ask myself: "that September, the episode -The Arrival, S01E04 - was himself, or he was the Donald, disguised?" Just now, I do not know! Actually I do not know is anything else from that confessed identity of Donald, he was the Observer September! In short, in 2015, the September disguised himself as being the aide, Donald (or vice versa), to help Walter, to lead an "inner child" for a pocket universe (!), And together this, to video, to explain the ways of defeating the Windmark with its Baldies, invaders?! I repeat: "I do not know anything else, really!" To me it seems, I'm seeing another movie, based on what I've seen in Fringe, I said and I stress "based, originated"! But instead I get here "madly" guessing, I'm going to wait to see what will happen in these next three final episodes of Fringe. What was already complicated is now much more confused.

["... Nothing more, nothing more than an illusion? "] After all, I think anyone would 97 episodes, told a saga unique and formidable, and then at the end of 100 episodes, stating that everything so far has been seen and counted, was only part one silly dream, or worst, either, or Olivia or Walter or Peter, wake up at the end of the hundredth episode, rub their eyes, and say that it was just a fantastic and unbelievable dream, called the Fringe! At least I hope it really does not happen...

Zepp said...

[Post scriptum] When I mention "dream", also I am referring to: "illusion", "daydreaming", "crazy", "Mirage", "deja vu", "ethyl dreams," "coma", "drugged" among other adjectives that explain what all you saw in 100 episodes in Fringe, was nothing but a big imagination, or a horrible "nightmare", or some ethereal moment, or a momentary lapse of time, or ... [No! Please ...]

Unknown said...

Zepp that would be a true letdown for all fringe viewers if it was all just a dream or if they go back to Walter dreaming in st Claire's. I don't think the writers would do that so much time invested on "this fringe family" I like how the actors said the final episode is mind blowing I do hope we get a happy ending.

Zepp said...

Yes, dear Cazza Rule, I also think you're right, I agree, no doubt. But put here, these my placements, more like an action merely "prophylactic," or "alert" for me, for us, somehow run away, distancing ourselves from these (usual thing almost) finals types simpletons who has already happened with other shows also important. But on the other hand, I see these my apprehensions are pure nervousness, the arrival of the grand finale of Fringe, which will be unforgettable. I hope so.

Unknown said...

The "White Tulip" episode is actually 2.18. And thanks for a great article.

cortexifan said...

Thanks, but actually White Tulip is 2.17 according to the episode listing on the DVD and that's what I go by. Fringepedia included the "Unearthed" episode in their line up and that is why White Tulip is listed as 2.18 on there.

Unknown said...

I am sure it will be Zepp I can understand your nervousness. I am hoping all our questions are answered in the last 3 episodes but why do I have the feeling they might end it with more questions but I think why would they do that? Open up for a movie or another network? The count down begins. How funny I am already wishing 2012 away just because I want to see the next episode of fringe haha so crazy a tv show can make me think this.

milostanfield said...

It's right to be a bit apprehensive as a dramatic TV series hits the end. The track record is not that good. Lost ended rather controversially and the end of Battlestar Galactica was certainly not my favorite memory from BSG. That was Starbuck! I don't watch everything on TV but I can't think of a good finish.

If you are writing a novel or movie (ones that don't have roman numerals in the title), you know you have an end point so it's just a matter of getting there. TV serial drama is a whole other animal. You have to write to keep people coming back week after week to keep the advertisers happy, so writing a closing ending is not part of the formula. Even a season ending has to have a cliffhanger and unanswered questions.

At least The Fringe writers had a goal set for them. You got 13 episodes and a definite ending so go do it. The only question is if 13 is enough to close out a complex story.

I don't care if some questions don't get answered. I only want the characters journeys are ended honorably (hello Nina), and the major plot points resolved. A good epilog would be nice so that we and the characters can exhale happily.

The final episodes are already in the can or at least in the editing room. Given Wyman & Co's track record we should get the ending that satisfies us. That would be beautiful.

Zepp said...

I have read and liked, the whole of your comment, milostanfield. I, for leisure and professional issues also watch various TV shows, and really the end of some storylines that are happening, are at least not very good. It seems that the production of these series, wants to do something new, unprecedented, and in the end they (the producers) just spoil everything. In short, I say, Fringe, from its beginning has a "mater cell" that is not division, not the "disappearance" of any of the three main characters. Olivia, Walter, Peter, is that cell, one and indivisible, and so I hope she is, with its three characters living together and well, in the last scene of Fringe, on the night of January 18, 2013. Yes, everything can be placed now on the editing table, but also think that we have, on top of that table, more than one possibility for end for Fringe. Type: Final 1, Final 2,...

Anonymous said...

So we already know that the plan involves or consequently resets time. My question is.. at what point will they reset the time and how will they defeat the observers once they do "reset" time?

In "White Tulip", the scientist and his wife both HAD to die in order to change the course of their life (or lack there of). Which means.. if they reset time at the invasion, they still need to figure out how to kill the observers during that moment, right?

Another question comes to mind.. if the plan had gone accordingly and the Fringe team were not forced to amber themselves as a last resort, did the plan still involve resetting time? And why did it take them 3.9 years (Etta's lifespan before she disappeared during the invasion) to complete the plan?

I guess I'm still trying to understand the order of events... and figure out the exact moment when time will be reset.. oh boy.. :)

One more thing... here's my theory about Donald/September/the observer boy:

Based on the preview, we first catch a glimpse of Donald from what looks like a flashback.. So I'm going to take a guess and say that Donald was a real person first.. in the future, year 2601 or some time before the planet died. He, as well as the rest of the evolved population of mankind, inserted tech in their heads in order to travel within time and spend the rest of their lives observing major events in history, probably for fun until they die... lol. Thus, becoming "The First Observers". Lol.

But then Donald/Sept saw what was coming and so he cloned himself illegally and became one of the "anomalies". Before the "boy" was destroyed, he snatched him up and put him in that underground tunnel at the construction site where he knew he would be found.

Now, I'm just wondering what happened to the original Donald/Sept?.....

Krick said...

Sprinkles on toast are very popular in the Netherlands. Just do a Google image search for "netherlands sprinkles".

milostanfield said...

Fresh off my failed attempt to register my deed to the Golden Gate Bridge that I bought off some guy on the street, I thought I would click on the "Look For More" link on FTV's Fringe calendar, just in the faint hope that.... Nope. Nothing. This is getting real folks. Real fast.

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