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A few days ago the Gallery 1988 twitter account (@Galleries1988) tweeted a picture of a Fringe hand glyph.

This of course set my senses tingling as Gallery 1988 is well known for TV show tie in art projects, I'm sure some of you will remember the LOST art series, Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear, that they produced and perhaps more recently the Breaking Bad art project called Breaking Gifs.

Yesterday the URL - was tweeted which takes you to the website you can see in the screenshot to the left. (I'm assuming this is nothing to do with our podcast friends, but I'm sure they will tell us if they are involved)

On visiting the site you can see there are six spaces with question marks, which will more than likely be for six limited edition silk screened posters.

Below that is a list of episodes that you can vote for, and I think the implication is the winning episode, or possibly episodes, will be represented by a new piece of Fringe art.

The information at the top of the website mentions Mission Continues and the Galleries 1988 twitter account also tweeted this URL - This website is for a charity that works with veterans and I am guessing that some, or possibly all, of the profits from the sale will go to help charity.

If there are any more details I'll try and post update here but if previous Gallery 1988 campaigns are anything to go by things can happen very quickly and with little warning.

I do also help to run a site called Printvengers and we will be definitely be covering this art project in more detail.


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