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Fringe Episode 508: "The Human Kind"

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Happy Fringe Friday!
Olivia encounters a very intuitive and oracle-like person named Simone (guest star Scott) as she looks to recover a key piece of equipment for Walter. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself in a perilous situation as he observes Windmark.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Human Kind"?


milostanfield said...

Olivia was always the strong one.


In "Five-Twenty-Ten", during the scene where Walter, Olivia, and Astrid are first surveying the destroyed building hiding the cylinders, the camera pulls back and above them from behind. There is an orange beam to the right of the shot with the word "ORACLE" written on it. Could this be a clue for the appearance of Simone in "The Human Kind"?

Unknown said...

How come Windmark teleports but catches a lift?

Zepp said...

One of the points that fascinates me, in watching the saga of Fringe, is the unexpected, the surprise, the event is not planned, it appears something you had not planned. I, like many others, I am trying to predict what might happen in the next episode of Fringe, and when I go see other things happen, often much better than what I had presumed to happen. Fringe is all this, this whole quality of interpretation and production of excellent actors, this whole excellence of this show, which now, unfortunately for us, is at its end.

This beautiful and dense episode 5.08, dawned, became strong evidence, for me, the high quality of the actors involved. They all had a very high artistic level, beyond normal,'ve ever seen, and they (all) are worthy of all praise, it seems to me. But, of course, and incredible as it may seem, we had also the highest peaks of this interpretative quality. And it happened, I see, those last scenes of the arrival of Olivia to the terrace that old building, where Peter, almost obsessively transformed into something non-human, the expected passage of Windmark, to kill him. Olivia trying to sensitize Peter, through your love for him to surrender, that act of pure revenge, which, if consummated, it definitely became something else, but no, that Peter who she loves.The scene in which Peter should take a final decision, was something magnanimous, super thick with emotion, totally spiritual, carnal, donation to love uncontested, finally, something was simply human. The big winner in this dense scene between the two, it was love. This choice of Peter to stay next to Olivia, removing the implant in your head, and then, like a wounded animal, he hugs his beloved, was, for me, one of the points of artistic interpretations emotional Fringe, more high, more thrilling, more worthy of our warmest applause! Bravo, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv!

Now I see that we were all certain, to believe unconditionally in Joel Wyman, definitely!

Matthew M said...

I rated it 5 Stars after seeing Peter pull that TECH out and give it to Olive. I feel better now.

milostanfield said...

WINDMARK (to Peter as they fought): "Your emotions make you weak."

PETER (to Olivia on the roof): "Emotion is our weakness."
OLIVIA: "No, Peter, it's our strength, because it's the one thing that they don't have."

So. It's not super powers, but human power, the strength that our team has possessed all along, that they will carry into the final battle.

Frankly I'm relieved. Peter and Olivia flying around with super powers and lasers shooting out of their eyeballs might be fun to watch but it would so NOT be Fringe. That is not what has kept this family together throughout.

We are the primitives in this war, the Indians against the colonists. And it's one of the older and more primitive evolved structures of our brains, the emotions that we share with the other mammals on this planet, that will be our weapon, not the outcome of some probability curve.

Peter reaching around and digging that tech out of his neck was an irrational, emotional, and very human choice. It remains to be seen if there are any lingering effects of the implantation, but I will be so happy to hear one of Peter's classic smart ass quips again.

milostanfield said...

So what the heck is a "truth church"?

panda said...

Very well said Zepp.

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