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Fringe Coming to the Science Channel

      Email Post       8/29/2012 11:09:00 PM      

Fringe has been picked up for syndication by the Discovery Communications' cable network Science Channel. Season 1 will start airing on November 20, 2012.

They have already started airing commercials for Fringe during Dark Matters: Twisted but True which is narrated by no other than our beloved Walter... uh I mean John Noble of course.

Here is a sample of the teasers they are running, using Fringe glyph codes. This one spells out...



Hedgen said...

There is another coded message now. I saw it on a 12 AM showing of How It's Made on 9/08/12. This one said "ASK". So "SOON" "ASK". I wonder what the next message will be!

Hedgen said...

Sorry for double post. Another coded message at the same time said "HERE". So "SOON" "ASK" "HERE".

Hedgen said...

Another message with today's How The Universe Works episode. "SEEK"

Hedgen said...

A Second message today, "MORE"

Unknown said...

All the best to fringe! thanks so much for the timely update. Sorry Messages

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