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What's Your Favorite Fringe Episode So Far?

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SpoilerTV has compiled a list of every Fringe episode poll they have conducted, ranking the episodes by popularity. The top five episodes, based on average poll rating:
  1. The Abducted (#307)
  2. Jacksonville (#201)
  3. Grey Matters (#210)
  4. Peter (#215)
  5. Over There, Part 1 (#221)
They match our own poll results pretty closely, although we would add "August (#208)" and "Over There, Part 2 (#222)" into the mix.

At the bottom of the list, their least popular episodes were:
43. Night Of Desirable Objects (#202)
44. Power Hungry (#105)
45. Earthling (#206)
46. Unearthed (#121)
47. Brown Betty (#219)

Again, the bottom of our barrel is very similar, with the addition of "The Bishop Revival (#213)" and "Johari Window (#211)".

Of course these polls are completely unscientific, and based on an incomplete result set (SpoilerTV didn't poll for the first 3 Fringe episodes, and we didn't start polling until season 2). However, since their results match ours so closely, there must be some truth in these numbers.

You can see our poll results after the jump, or check out the Fringe Episodes section to see individual polls.

Tell us what your favorite (an least favorite) Fringe episodes are in the comments.

What is your favorite Fringe episode so far?


Dennis said...

One of my favorite Fringe episodes is "The Arrival", which formally introduced us to The Observer. We had noticed the Observer from the very beginning, but didn't know who he was until this episode.

runpaceyrun said...

Oh no...why is it that my favourite episodes of season 1 and 2 are down in the bottom section....i loved The Johari Window, The Night of Desirable Objects, Unleashed, The Bishop Revival,Brown Betty, Fracture, Snakehead, Grey Matters and What Lies Below. Mind you...i have loved every episode of Fringe and season 3 has been beyond epic. I am simply Fringe obsessed!

Andrew said...

White Tulip is unequivocally the best episode of Fringe to date. It has a compelling moral dilemma running through it, the characters are on the top of their game, there's plenty of action, and the ending is the best character moment in the entire show.

JuliDG said...

I Actually love Bad Dreams (117) cuz it's the first episode we met a Cortexiphan kid and it was full of mistery and true mythology.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew.

Anonymous said...

my top three favorite episodes to date are:
- Ability
- Bad Dreams
- Olivia

Gil_Cdn, Fringle # 9

Kim said...

A tough task because there are so many that I love and to be honest, I am 210% certain that after I see Entrada that it will be my favorite Fringe episode EVER!

For now though, I would have to say The Abducted. It was amazing and I thought that it was delivered awesomely. It's followed very closely by Bad Dreams, then Olivia, The Plateau, Over There 2, Jacksonville, Ability, Safe, What Lies Below, White Tulip, Brown Betty, Momentum Deferred, Over There 1 and Fracture.

Least favorite is really, really tough but if I had to choose I would say Unearthed.

Probably too much Dennis I know, but oh well!

Ruth said...

My top three favorites (really in no particular order because I could watch them repeatedly)

-Brown Betty (yes I may be in the minority but I loved it and I honestly was so against the idea in the beginning but I think they pulled it off)
-Bad Dreams

Xindilini said...

You can't just vote for one.

Josie Kafka said...

I want to add my voice to the chorus of Brown Betty lovers. It was one of my favorites, and I was so impressed that they took the risk of basically devoting an entire episode to Walter's moods. Peter, too, is wonderful.

But Over There, Part II is my favorite. It wasn't until that episode that I went from being a Fringe fan to a Fringe fanatic.

Helly said...

I agree with andrew

Anonymous said...

The Observers are of interest to me, because they are so mysterious and pivotal to the storyline. Therefore, I preferred the episode "August." It was touching and gave us our only real glimpse into the emotional natures of these beings, who had otherwise seemed impervious to the mounting chaos going on around them. I'm sure we will see their layers peel away slowly as the series progresses.

Damian Garcia said...

Hmm it's hard for me to decide on favorites, but I did really like The Abducted, so that's up at the top.

And I thought Brown Betty was wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

The season 1 episode "Safe" was when i first realized I was watching something amazing. Then the follow up "Bound" continued the streak. Season 2 had some amazing ones like 'Momentum Differed" "Grey Matters" and "Peter" which stand out amoung the many stand alones that fill the middle of season 2. But season 3 has by far seen the show at its best! I couldn't pick out a specific episode because they all have been amazing!

Sean said...

White tulip is the best episode for me.

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